The North East Automotive Alliance (NEAA) is an industry-led automotive cluster, established to support the economic sustainable growth and competitiveness of the automotive sector in the North East of England.

Supporting the North East Automotive Supply Chain

Launched in March 2015, the North East Automotive Alliance (NEAA) has surged to become the largest automotive cluster in the UK, with over 300 cluster participants. It stands as one of the fastest-growing clusters across Europe.

NEAA’s aim is simple: to catapult the region’s significant automotive capability and firmly establish the North East as a true global automotive and electrification powerhouse. We are committed to ensuring the North East is at the forefront of the Government’s strategy to ensure the technologies of tomorrow are designed, developed, and manufactured in the UK.

At the forefront of the North East automotive sector, the NEAA is a proactive, industry-led cluster group representing and working on behalf of the entire industry. Whether a company is manufacturing cars or components, providing services, or pioneering technologies for electrification, we are here to champion your cause. Through the cluster, companies take a collaborative approach, igniting the region’s global competitiveness to unprecedented levels.

The NEAA focuses on:

  • Networking & Connectivity 
  • Business Resilience 
  • Skills  
  • Innovation & Technology 
  • Trade & Investment 


North East England’s burgeoning credentials make it one of the most desirable regions to live and work in.

As one of the UK’s fastest-growing economies with a highly skilled workforce, superb access to UK and overseas markets, and a low-cost base, it’s no surprise that over 67,000 businesses call North East England home. The region has attracted a wealth of companies from across the globe, along with talented professionals, who have put down strong roots in the North East due to its perfect blend of opportunity and quality of life.


The region produces 30% of all UK passenger vehicles

20% of all electric vehicles across Europe

10% of all UK non-highway vehicles


The region is home to the largest and most successful passenger vehicle plant in the UK, Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK, Sunderland.

Over 10m cars since the launch in 1986.
More than £6bn invested by Nissan into the Sunderland Plant.
More than £2bn contributed by Nissan to the UK economy annually since 2006.
30% of all UK manufactured cars are built in Sunderland.
80% of vehicles are exported.
Export to 100+ markets globally.
6,000 jobs at the Sunderland Plant.