Applied Integration partner with global AGV provider K.Hartwall

Applied Integration, a leading UK Industry 4.0 Logistics Technology integrator and mission critical controls developer today announced its partnership with K.Hartwall, a leading AGV provider offering smart logistic solutions for the retail, parcel and automotive industries.

The partnership is part of Applied Integration’s strategy of combining proven rigorous systems engineering expertise with carefully selected best in class automation technologies. An approach that will enable customers to manage the Industry 4.0 digital transformation, while ensuring minimal adoption disruption, optimised ROI, future proofed investments and development of world class logistics and manufacturing processes through effective technology adoption. We will work closely with K.Hartwall to further develop their already exceptional AGV’s with a special focus on the A-MATE mobile robot.

K.Hartwall have over 90 years of design and innovation experience and specialise in manufacturing and designing future-fit logistics solutions that answer the needs of customers and enhances their safety and ROI. Logistics is currently entering a transformative phase in which the speed of innovation will increase and handling volumes will grow rapidly. Key industry trends such as robotics and automation, prediction enabled through IoT and data analytics and increased demand for sustainable solutions will shape the way forward for logistics in all industries.

K.Hartwall offer numerous logistic solutions such as, load carriers, tugger trains and AGV mobile robots. The A-MATE is a AGV designed by K.Hartwall which is a fully electric mobile robot for pallet movement. This AGV has free navigation, 360° safety, pallet detection and omnidrive meaning the A-MATE can move in any direction.

Under this new strategic partnership, Applied Integration will act as a reseller and expert technology integrator for K.Hartwall A-MATE mobile robot in the UK. Customers will benefit from Applied Integration’s industry process knowledge, rigorous development processes, technology expertise and more than 20 years’ experience in supplying and maintaining safety and mission critical process solutions combined with world class leading AGV technology from K.Hartwall.

 “As Robotic and Automation solutions providers we continually monitor the market for best- in-class technologies that will deliver the most efficient and cost-effective operations for our customers.  With AMRs it is critical that we source solutions that are; adaptable, robust and reliable for day- to- day operations without the need for major infrastructure change and can be deployed with minimal disruption. In K Hartwall we found a partner that has a deep understanding of operational needs, a history of successful deployment of process improving transportation technologies and A-MATE an exceptionally engineered, agile omni-directional autonomous pallet/stillage/cage transport. Our partnership, combined skill sets and the consequent technologies will help deliver significant operational benefits in terms of throughput gains and cost/time reduction even in challenging cases where transportation/movement space is limited”, says Peter Moore, Business Development Manager at Applied Integration.

“We are very excited about the cooperation with Applied Integration. Together we can offer our UK customers a unique combination of globally leading products incl. our pallet AMR “A-MATE” and a world class installation and support service with Applied Integration”, says Eero Heinonen Vice Executive President of K.Hartwall.

Applied Integration is a leading systems integrator, specialising in delivering the latest industry technologies with a focus on Industry 4.0, Digitalisation, Internet of Things (IoT), Analytics, Big data / Cloud Technologies, Safety Critical Systems (SIL1, SIL2, SIL3) and Robotics and Collaborative Robots (Cobots). Founded in 2005, AI has a dynamic, 50+ strong engineering team with many years combined experience.

K.Hartwall is a Finnish family-owned company with a global scope. With a high focus on innovative solutions, they strive to create future-fit logistics solutions that answer the needs of their customers and bolsters their industry development. The company is internationally recognized for providing smart logistics solutions for goods delivery and merchandising, including returnable load carriers, tugger trains and AGVs. K.Hartwall counts over 1,500 customers in the Retail, Postal&Parcel and Automotive industries on all continents. Thanks to their efficient global delivery capability they have the flexibility to support their customers independently of the volumes or location. Today they employ more than 250 people and have a turnover of 100M€.

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