Contacting solutions for the automotive industry from Peak Test Services

High Current Contacts for E-Mobility
Automotive technology is currently developing rapidly. As the UK Distributor for Feinmetall, Peak Test Services offers comprehensive contacting solutions for the entire field of electromobility, the strength in the classic cable harness test also continues in the battery test and in the test of HF components and extends to the test of semiconductor chips.

Battery technology is the basis for electromobility. Research centers and production facilities for battery cells are currently being set up and expanded on a large scale and the demands on batteries are increasing rapidly. That is why high-performance contacts are becoming increasingly important. Innovation is required to reliably contact battery cells. Contacting solutions are required here that can transmit high currents, but are also equipped with sense pins, temperature monitoring or cooling options. Feinmetall is a pioneer in this area. Our experts have been on board with the manufacturers for years and have developed sophisticated solutions.

Contacting Charging Devices
Charging devices and aggregates in the entire car must also be reliably tested during production and thus also contacted. This is where Feinmetall offers unique solutions that not only allow simple electrical tests, but also enable touch protection to be queried in the same work step. In addition to functionality, security features can also be checked without any additional effort.

Cable Harness Testing
Constant innovations that were developed in close cooperation with customers, numerous patents and clever additional functions in tailor-made contact probes underpin this leading role. Feinmetall offers modern and tried-and-tested solutions, regardless of whether it is for the latching check or the presence check of connector elements, for checking for error-free wiring, to support correct assembly or for contacting current high-frequency connectors such as HFM, FAKRA, H-MTD, MateAX, MateNET etc.

Reliable contacts for HF technology and 5G
Due to the increase in driver assistance systems and new technologies for autonomous driving, high-frequency technology and 5G are currently the top issues in automotive applications. For the reliable testing of the components and connectors used here, Feinmetall offers first-class contacting technology, even with the highest demands on HF performance. HF-capable contacting units allow the transmission of signals up to 18 GHz, here too various automotive HF connectors such as HFM, FAKRA, H-MTD, MateAX, MateNET are in focus. The great strength of Feinmetall lies above all in the detail. The HF probes are available in various mounting options, for example with a flange or as a screw or plug-in version.
In addition to the appropriate frequency suitability of the individual components, the frequency behaviour and the reproducibility of the entire transmission link are particularly important for the user in HF tests. Feinmetall therefore not only offers the individual contact probes, but also complete contacting units and the right accessories such as HF cables and tools.

Peak Test can provide test probes for your automotive testing solutions. Contact us today with your enquiries.