Could your organisation benefit from the extension to the Climate Change Agreement (CCA) Scheme?

On Wednesday 15th March, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced that the CCA scheme will be extended for two years and will open to new facilities currently not in the scheme.

The window for new applicants is only open for five months, starting from 1st May and closing at the end of September. New applicants must meet the scheme’s eligibility criteria before the deadline closes.

Climate Change Agreements encourage greater uptake of energy efficiency measures among companies in energy intensive industries. It sets energy reduction targets for businesses which can result in a significant discount on the Climate Change Levy on your energy bills.

Plans to introduce a new requirement to report on the energy efficiency and decarbonisation potential at a facility were also unveiled as part of the announcement, along with an increase in the financial penalties for non-compliance and incorrect reporting.

If you do not currently hold a CCA and are in an eligible sector, you need to act now to ensure you can meet the deadline when the application window opens.

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