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Dontyne Systems

Gear and gearbox manufacturers are under a lot of pressure to meet stringent demands in gear quality, efficiency and conformance to exacting design standards. In 2006, Dr. David Palmer and Dr. Mike Fish established Dontyne Systems and set out to develop and globally market intuitively designed, user-friendly gear software with a heavy focus on making it easier for gear manufacturers to achieve the exacting standards required across a vast scope of industries and applications.

The Gear Production Suite software now has over 150 installations in 15 countries with UK, Japan, and USA the biggest markets.

The real power of the software system is the direct link of the gear design and loaded tooth contact analysis tools to automate tool design and simulations of hobbing, grinding, shaping, and shaving processes that ensure options for machining geometric accuracy and accurate performance characteristics such as strength, stress, and noise can all be assessed before cutting metal.

Users can also make choices based on priority for production such as minimum machine time, maximum strength, or power and tool life. The system promises dramatic saving in production time and cost.

Dontyne is to further close the gap in gear manufacture by offering a viable, flexible alternative to dedicated gear equipment that enables multi-axis CNCs to be used for small to medium batch, R&D or one-off gears that may be cost and space prohibitive to justify large capital investment in dedicated equipment.


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