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Evolve Metals Limited

Evolve Metals Ltd is focused on building the UK’s only copper refinery and the world’s most sustainable copper refinery. We regard copper as the base metal of all modern innovation. The UK is striving to become a world leader in green energy. Whether it be wind farms, solar, li-ion batteries or the power cables supporting them, our need for copper is growing exponentially. According to Bloomberg, by 2035 there will be a 9.9 million tonne global deficit of copper if demand doesn’t subside and new sources are not used. Today the UK is the fourth largest exporter of scrap copper and yet we’re one of the world’s largest importers of refined copper products. According to the UK Gov Rules of Origin madate, by 2027, 65% of the components of a battery will need to be made in the UK. This is currently not possible. Without a British based copper refining facility we are entirely dependent on overseas support. This is harmful for the environment, it is a threat to national security and it is losing billions of pounds worth of industrial revenue in the process.

Evolve Metals is building a circular economy for metal production in the UK. In the North East we are actively engaging with manufacturers and industrial groups, trying to understand their waste streams in order help them turn their ESG goals into a recurring revenue stream.

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