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LJA Miers & Co Ltd

L.J.A. Miers & Co. Ltd was established in 1954 and operates within a vastly changing commercial world. Building on over 66 years of sound development we will continue to thrive successfully and profitably by proactively looking ahead. We strive to understand the trends and forces that will shape our business in the future and will move swiftly to prepare us for what’s to come. It is against this backdrop that we share our mission and goals which give us a framework to guide us as a company and as individuals.

Our mission is:
To provide specialist parts, working in partnership with our customers to create value and make a difference.

To be the first choice provider for a range of regular, relevant parts where efficient supply to meet Customer requirements is at the heart of service delivery.

Our goals are:
To achieve our mission, we have developed a set of goals, which we are committed to in heart and mind:

People: Trained, working together, inspiring each other to be the best we can under a leadership that has the courage to shape a better future.

Partners: Building a network of Partners both Customers and Suppliers, sharing information, working collaboratively and building mutual loyalty.

Product range: A portfolio of rubber, plastics and flexible materials that anticipate and satisfy the markets needs. A strong commitment to product development and innovation with Partners, to ensure total relevance and fit to need.

Customer satisfaction: Seeking to align ourselves to Customer values to enable goods to be supplied in full, on time. Service is responsive and delivered simply with integrity to meet or exceed Customer expectations.

Productivity: Being a highly effective, lean and forward thinking organisation.

Quality: What we choose to do, we do well, striving whole heartedly for continuous improvement.

Planet: Being a responsible manufacturer by actively minimising waste, reducing our carbon footprint and complying at all times with statutory and legislative laws & regulations.

Profit: Maximising long-term profits with high priority on re-investment, geared to keeping us competitive in the market.

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