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Nickleby Design and Management

Nickleby is a unique consultancy service, offering Business Development in a complete bespoke approach. Representing companies across Europe, our business predominantly focuses on its wealth of knowledge within the automotive manufacturing sector. This has now expanded into other fields, including new start-up companies, technology providers, accessory launches and more.

In all cases, Director Paul Wingrove assesses the needs of each customer, tabling an offer that is aligned with their strategy.

With offices just north of Oxford, and a recent addition in the Netherlands, Nickleby is able to access its expanding network of companies across Europe.

Our list of clients are based in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Japan and the U.S. with some having global placement. From our new office in Weert, Holland, we have access to the immediate mainland, however more recently, travel has extended to Canada and the U.S.

Paul says “All of my clients have different needs, where two days are never the same. Apart from regularly meeting all of the OEM’s in the UK, I can be equally seen at Porsche in Stuttgart, or BMW in Munich. More recently, trips have involved meetings at DAF HQ in Holland, as well as anti-car theft businesses in Canada and the U.S on behalf of Rimgard, Sweden. Along the way, I am invited to manufacturing and accessory suppliers, who potentially offer partnership benefits. It is often the case that I am able to see a wonderful proposition where two businesses merge their services.”

Nickleby is a member with all key automotive associations including SMMT, NEA and NAA, and also connected with global consultants in the CEE region, allowing further access to a range of businesses.
In summary, Nickleby provides, (but not limited to) –
• Business Development according to an agreed strategy.
• Worldwide access to a network of companies and people of influence.
• B2b Partnership Development.
• Marketing and Company Profiling.
• Automotive manufacturing expertise.


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Nickleby Design and Management, Bloxham Mill Business Centre, Bloxham, 0X154FF, UK

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