Discover the power of Green Skills: Unleashing a sustainable future in the North East

NEAA Member, Revamp Training, has recently opened its doors to deliver Level 3 & 4 EV/Hybrid IMI Accredited training from June 23-August 23 and October 23-December 23 at its new training centre in North Seaton in Ashington.

The centre is fully equipped with two purpose built Nissan LEAF and Toyota Prius skill rigs with EV tools and equipment to provide a good quality learning environment. The Green skills funding is available for organisations based North of Tyne, including Northumberland.

About the course
Funded or part funded through New College Durham (eligibility dependent), the EV/Hybrid accredited training course incorporates a Level 3 System Repair and Replacement element through to Level 4 content which is detailed diagnosis and working on live systems. The Level 3 element is designed for those who carry out High Voltage system repairs and also replace High Voltage components, whilst the Level 4 is designed in close liaison with industry specialists, manufacturers, the Health and Safety Executive and Institute of the Motor Industry due
to its practical elements and working on live High Voltage electrical systems. Additionalities to the Level 3 and Level 4 programmes, is an Advanced Air Conditioning Diagnostic Level 3 IMI award.

Who is the course aimed at?
For EVs and hybrids, the focus is upon the Automotive Industry; essentially, the design, build, after market (sales, service, and repair) and first, second, third and fourth emergency responders within fire, police, collision investigators and breakdown recovery services. Courses are designed for a range of personnel including repair and maintenance and detailed diagnostics. Gaining the necessary EV/Hybrid knowledge will enable engineers, manufacturers, technicians, and professionals to extend their skill set and allow employers to extend their
product offering. This will ensure that, as technology develops, high standards are maintained, and potentially leading to Tech Safe accreditation.

Do I need any additional qualities?
Yes, there are written, and online tests involved, and you must be able to work in confined spaces wearing PPE where appropriate whilst maintaining coordination and control of tools
and materials. You will spend some time standing, stretching, and bending; therefore, you should be able to stay physically active without getting tired.

How long are the courses?
A maximum of 10 days in duration split over 2 sessions with some online activity to support assignment work.

2023 Course Dates and Location.
Courses commence from June 2023 and will run concurrently throughout the remainder of 2023. Please note that all training courses will be held at North Seaton Industrial Estate, 1 Armstrong Way, Ashington, Northumberland, NE63 0YB.

Do I need to have any other qualifications to take part?
In order to attend the Level 3 EV/Hybrid training course, any learner must be working in the engineering/automotive sector as a technician. Please note that in order to undertake the Level 4 programme, any learner must be able to demonstrate and evidence a Level 3 EV/Hybrid prior qualification.

With new car and van sales powered solely by petrol and diesel banned from 2030, there is a clear and strategic need to accelerate the country’s transition to electric vehicles and to
transform national infrastructure to better support their adoption and use. Fuel cell electric vehicles and utilisation of hydrogen both as a transport and domestic fuel are also key
component drivers in tackling climate change.

Telephone: 01642 220 778
North Seaton Industrial Estate, 1 Armstrong Way,
Ashington, Northumberland, NE63 0YB

Download course flyer here