Enabling smarter warehouse operations with Rajant Kinetic Mesh® wireless networking

Rajant Kinetic Mesh helps automated and autonomous warehouses maintain the continuous mobile connectivity that is needed 24/7. Busy warehouses must operate at peak efficiency to keep up with growing demands which is why many are adopting robotics and automation.

To maintain autonomous mobile robots’ (AMRs) productivity, speed and accuracy, these autonomous vehicles require uninterrupted on-the-go wireless networking to run effectively. If these communications are lost, robotic platforms stop working meaning downtime in your warehouse.

Traditional Wi-Fi methods, which are used in warehouses, rely on fixed infrastructure. As autonomous robots move around or encounter obstacles, such as metal racks, they may go out of range and lose communication. Warehouse workers, using handheld scanners and RFID wands, are continuously moving around the indoor environment and may also go out of range.

With Rajant’s unique Kinetic Mesh, warehouse operations can become smarter, more autonomous, and more mobile because the network itself is intelligent, self-optimising, and uniquely able to support machine-to-machine (M2M) communications between equipment on the move.

Rajant’s BreadCrumb® radio nodes are easily installed on both fixed and moving assets, such as robots, vehicles, drones, or people. BreadCrumb-equipped assets become part of the ever-moving networking infrastructure to take connectivity with them wherever they go and link directly with each other to enable machine-to-machine communication. These BreadCrumb nodes provide a more reliable connection than typical WiFi access points meaning more applications can be supported.

Every BreadCrumb works peer-to-peer with no master node in the network and can hold many connections over multiple frequencies simultaneously. Rajant InstaMesh® software orchestrates traffic and selects the fastest path for delivery. If a path does become blocked or faces interferences, InstaMesh will automatically reroute traffic via the next best available path maintaining mission critical activity.

Some warehouse operations can be hazardous to workers if not performed in a safe manner. Manual processes also create the risk of human error – which could result in costly inventory loss or worse, put workers in unsafe predicaments. Kinetic Mesh provides continuous connectivity for new applications that allow operators to keep personnel out of danger areas, augment worker productivity through automation, and optimize the accuracy of repetitive, high-volume tasks.

Recently Applied Integration took one of our demo autonomous mobile robots to an exhibition where it was fitted with a Rajant BreadCrumb and set up to communicate with a machine running its fleet manager software. The exhibition had over 500+ wireless networks and Bluetooth devices causing lots of interference with devices connected via Wi-Fi. However, the Rajant network had no problem allowing the robot to continue functioning by overcoming frequency noise and obstructions.

Applied Integration (AI) are proud to partner with Rajant Corporation as part of AI’s strategy of combining proven systems engineering expertise with carefully selected best-in-class automation technologies. Our approach enables customers to manage the Industry 4.0 (and beyond) digital transformation, while ensuring minimal adoption disruption, optimised ROI, future-proofed investments and development of world class logistics and manufacturing processes through effective technology adoption.

Under this new strategic partnership, Applied Integration will act as a reseller and expert technology integrator for Rajant Corporation. Customers will benefit from Applied Integration’s industry process knowledge, rigorous development processes, technology expertise, and more than 20 years’ experience in supplying and maintaining safety and mission-critical process solutions combined with world class leading Kinetic Mesh  from Rajant Corporation.

For more information and advice on how Rajant Kinetic Mesh wireless networking could help your company, contact Applied Integration today.

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