The automotive sector offers a life-long career with a broad range of exciting and rewarding opportunities. There’s no better sector to be right now, than working in the automotive industry.

Careers in the automotive sector are wide-ranging and continually evolving with the development of new technologies, including electrification, automation, digitisation and customisation. It offers a huge choice of jobs for people with various skills, strengths, and knowledge.

Maintaining and growing the UK and the North East of England’s strong skills base is a priority to ensure the sector remains globally competitive. Many companies within the North East region engage with local schools to ensure awareness of the automotive sector and its associated career opportunities are known from an early age.

More than 63,500 specialists work in the advanced manufacturing sector, 126,000 in the wider manufacturing sector and over 110,000 students study at the region’s five universities, with more than half studying Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects. Apprenticeship and graduate positions can be sought throughout the automotive supply chain from large blue-chip companies through to independent SME’s – all offering a career path into the automotive industry.

The North East has a highly skilled, loyal workforce, trained in the very latest manufacturing processes and techniques and is renowned for its exceptional productivity. The region has one of the most solid, reliable, and sustainable workforces in the UK.

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