Exciting Partnership: Virtual Manufacturing and wheel.me Join Forces to Drive Automation Revolution

Virtual Manufacturing, frontrunner in modern production development, and wheel.me, a Norwegian robotics and IoT company, have announced their partnership aimed at transforming automation in factory environments.

Bringing together their respective strengths and expertise, this collaboration is to move automation forward. Virtual Manufacturing’s commitment to merging technology with human ingenuity perfectly complements wheel.me’s innovative autonomous wheel technology. The wheels integrate with existing infrastructure, such as carts and trolleys, automating manual material handling within factories. Together, Virtual manufacturing and wheel.me envision a manufacturing ecosystem where innovation thrives, and operational excellence is the norm.

Through this strategic alliance, businesses stand to benefit from a range of transformative solutions:

  • Implementation of innovative factory automation solutions tailored to specific business needs.
  • Optimization of production processes to maximize efficiency and sustainability.
  • Integration of wheel.me’s self-driving wheels to transition from manual to automated material handling, driving efficiency, safety, and cost reductions.

Join us in embracing the future of manufacturing, “The Virtual Way,” as we embark on this journey to create value and drive operational excellence.

To learn more about Virtual Manufacturing, visit www.virtual.se.

To discover the innovation behind wheel.me, explore www.wheel.me.