Expo Partner Sponsor: Nokia supports NEAA flagship event

At Nokia, we create technology that helps the world act together. As a trusted partner for the world’s critical networks, together, we provide purpose-designed mission, business and society-critical network innovations for more than 2,200 customers in asset-intensive industries and the public sector globally.

Nokia has been active in the UK over three decades and plays a pivital role in the UK’s critical national infrastructure, supporting all the major telecom providers, and supplying equipment & services to many Enterprise & Public Sector customers bridging infrastructure in Transport, Energy, Utilities, Government, Defence, Manufacturing and Logistics.

Nokia’s 4G & 5G technology is a recognised enabler for Industry 4.0, together with Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Mobile Edge Computing.   We consider 4.0 to be the automation of everything, which is having a transformational impact on manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, retail and many more industries, with multiple use-cases appearing.

In the UK we have worked with NEAA on a ground-breaking pilot which utilised pioneering 5G technology in an operational logistics environment at the Vantec/ Nissan site in Sunderland.  The team successfully addressing the challenge of last mile logistics – the tele-operated control of a 40 tonne HGV.

Nokia are working with 100’s of organisations to identify the practical steps they should take to ensure their business is ready for 5G, where operational, productivity, safety, and even revenue generating use-cases can be found to drive the overall business case.

Lee Hargadon, Nokia Head of Enterprise UK&I said: “We are proud of our association with the NEAA and look forward to supporting the forthcoming Expo event.  Understanding the challenges and opportunities of our target market segments is critical to our mutual success, and alliances such as the NEAA give us great insight into how we can design solutions which deliver valuable outcomes.”

Paul Butler, CEO at NEAA said: “It’s great to be working with such a major brand like Nokia who are a partner sponsor at this year’s Expo. The NEAA and Nokia have built a strong partnership over the past year working in collaboration on the 5G CAL pilot, and we will be showcasing some of this project success at the event.”