Helping members tackle rising energy costs with online event as inflation reaches 30-year high

The North East Automotive Alliance (NEAA), has announced members of its Energy Group will hold an online, two-part event in March, to assist member companies in maximising their energy efficiency.

In conjunction with Supply Chain North East (SCNE), the NEAA has partnered with members Komatsu UK, Kasai UK, Great Annual Savings Group (GAS) and TDJ Services, to offer proactive guidance for members as inflation reaches a 30-year high of 5.7%.

With rising energy costs and businesses not protected by the energy price cap, this is a major cause for concern for companies across the UK. The high rise in energy costs is hitting companies hard, leaving many struggling to remain competitive in a globally cost driven environment.

In these times companies must be fully aware of the changing market and find alternative ways to save energy through efficiency improvements and reducing fixed and variable costs. This is only achievable if the basic foundations are understood and acted upon in a structured way.

The first meeting, which is to take place on 2 March, 11am-12pm, will feature speakers Adam Brown, of NEAA energy partner, Great Annual Savings Group (GAS) and Richard Jennings, TDJ Services.

Adam Brown, will give an overview of the energy landscape and what companies should expect over the coming months, along with energy intelligence and current related legislation. GAS has a long-standing relationship with NEAA and its members, offering free advice on reducing expenditure and maximising energy efficiency. Members will then gain insight from NEAA member Richard Jennings of TDJ Services on practical energy saving solutions to help mitigate the ongoing challenge.

The second online session, which is to take place on 17 March, 2pm-3pm, will feature speakers Paul Blanchard, Komatsu UK, David Mellor and John Eddon, Kasai UK, Adam Brown, Great Annual Savings Group and Scott Atkinson, Komatsu UK,

Participants will be shown practical examples of how an effective energy reduction strategy can be planned and implemented, with Paul Blanchard discussing the basic foundations of energy reduction and transferable best practice from an established OEM. Members will be shown case studies by Scott Atkinson, who will talk through an energy reduction LED lighting case study and David Mellor and John Eddon, who will present an energy monitoring case study. The session will also include advice and support on reading an energy bill from Adam Brown.

Both meetings will be concluded with a Q&A.

The NEAA is an industry-led cluster group, established to support the economic, sustainable growth and competitiveness of the sector in the North East of England.

Launched in March 2015, now with over 300 cluster participants, the NEAA is the largest automotive cluster in the UK and one of the fastest growing clusters across Europe.

Paul Blanchard, managing director, Komatsu UK Limited:

“The NEAA has demonstrated the benefits of local manufacturing companies collaborating when faced with the challenges presented by the pandemic. I am sure through collaboration and the sharing of best practice on the subject of energy efficiency, all businesses attending the webinars will benefit.”

Paul Butler, CEO, North East Automotive Alliance, said:

“The last two years have tested the business community as a whole and it is still suffering the aftershocks. Many of our members were hard-hit during the pandemic and now face another seismic hurdle, due to surging energy costs.

“I would encourage all of our members to attend the online two-part event. The quality of speakers means they will provide the utmost value and practical advice for companies large and small.

“It is the aim of the NEAA to provide the real value to our membership and we will continue to offer proactive support and guidance in the areas that we know industry requires support.”


Image one. (left to right) Paul Butler, chief executive of the NEAA, Stuart McGivern, project manager, NEAA and Adam Brown, group marketing manager at Great Annual Savings.

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