High Current Solutions from Peak Test Services

Peak Test can provide you with various high current test solutions using spring contact test probes. Our range includes probes for EV connector testing and high current battery testing with currents up to 600 amps.

EV Connector Testing

Three variants are available for contacting round EV connectors. Available in sizes from 4mm up to 8mm.

  • Variant 1: Due to the canted coil springs in the plunger head, a safe and constant electrical contact of a round pin can be achieved.
  • Variant 2: In addition to contacting a round pin for current transfer (Force), a voltage measurement can be performed by the optionally integrated cup spring.
  • Variant 3: By a short-circuit test between the sense contact and the bottom of the round pin the presence of the finger protection cap on the round pin can be checked.

Round pins (or round sockets) are built into all new charging plugs for electric mobility all over the world and we have the test probe solution for you.



High Current Testing

The current developments in electromobility and the rapidly growing field of battery production require completely new contact solutions.

We can provide test solutions used for the integrated temperature measurement for testing, charging and discharging of:

  • Batteries
  • Battery Cells
  • Li-ion Energy Storages

Our range within this sector is huge and includes a patented design scratch test probe block compromising of 3 test probes inserted invertedly to allow low resistance and controlled testing. Co-axial probes are also included.

For testing currents from 10 amps up to 600 amps, we will have the high current test probe suitable for your application.