Introducing our Industry 4.0 Demo Room

Applied Integration’s new Industry 4.0 demonstration centre in Stokesley North Yorkshire shows how Smart digital technologies can be seamlessly combined to form truly adaptive manufacture and process solutions that deliver on productivity goals and operational KPIs.

Included in the demo room are Applied Scientific Technologies lab of the future products, Deft and Hyve. The Digital Enabled Formulation Toolset (Deft) is aimed at the bench scientist and provides the ‘information gap’ when comparing manually made bench formulations and Hyve is a unique concept design in laboratory and life science autonomous robotic systems.  The award winning modular and scalable intelligent collaborative robot platform enables clients to design, develop, manage and deliver a solution meeting their initial requirements.

 Applied Integration was proud to welcome B&R Industrial Automation on site in the demo room to demonstrate their new technology, the Acopos 6D. Acopos 6D is a recently developed solution to smart manufacturing where magnetic levitating shuttles float over the surface of electromagnetic segments moving individual products of payloads of up to 14kg freely through the machine eliminating standard transport systems. The shuttles also have the ability to combine using magnetic technology and are therefore able to carry heavier payloads. The shuttles can move freely in a six-dimensional space and reach speeds of up to 2 meters per second offering precise control over the height of levitation.

Demo Room_1249 3.jpg

Jason Johnson, Business Development Manager of B&R Industrial Automation says, “Having spent time with the team in the Applied Integration Industry 4.0 Demo suite, it is very refreshing to be able to see a company investing so much into their vision of the digital future of manufacturing. Too often we see companies unwilling to take this first step to prove concepts for the future but Applied Integration have indeed taken this bold step to showcase their cutting edge technological solutions. From their collaborative laboratory Hyve product, through to the B&R Acopos 6D showcase they were presenting during our visit, this company does not just have an eye on the future, they have most definitely grasped the concept of Industry 4.0 with both hands.”

In the coming months Applied Integration plan to introduce our own Acopos 6D demo unit, Automated Vehicles and Collaborative Robots, as well as demonstrating Industry 4.0 digitalisation and how it can help technology and people to communicate effortlessly in a smart ecosystem.

Garry Lofthouse, CEO of Applied Integration says, “Really exciting times for us as a company, having built a showcase for the North of England where we can demonstrate future industry 4.0 technologies, how this can be used in smart ecosystems and the benefits our customers can achieve from such technologies. We need to work smarter, not harder”.

To visit our demo room or find out more regarding the technologies we have to offer, please call our team today on +44 (0) 1642 717555.

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