The NEAA is working with a number of specialist providers who can offer increased profitability to our members.

In the current climate there is a much greater emphasis on the reduction of fixed and variable costs. With this in mind, we have secured the following Saving Schemes that members can utilise:
• Energy
• R&D Tax Credits
• Predictive Maintenance
• Consumables
• Foreign Exchange Risk Management

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Powered by Great Annual Savings Group

At Great Annual Savings Group (GAS), we’ve worked with hundreds of manufacturers to help them improve their energy strategies.

We have worked with NEAA members for more than three years to provide free advice on reducing expenditure and maximizing efficiency via the NEAA Energy Scheme.

GAS operates a no-obligation service and welcomes discussions with members around their approach to reducing costs and consumption.

From Net Zero to price benchmarking, GAS can help your business make the right choices in an uncertain trading environment.

How the scheme works:

  • Contact us and we’ll analyse your bills, processes and current supplier
  • We will talk through your strategy and approach moving forward
  • GAS can provide admin, pricing and consultancy to enable you to execute your strategy to lower costs, consumption and carbon

Why speak to GAS?

  • GAS is vetted and approved by the North East Automotive Alliance
  • GAS is Trustpilot’s number 1 B2B consultancy in the UK for customer service with a five-star platform score
  • GAS has a track record of savings with other members and manufacturers
  • GAS offers a wider range of services than other consultants

Contact Us

For further information on how GAS can help reduce your utility costs, speak to Adam Brown, Group Marketing Manager, who is NEAA’s Account Manager on:

0800 130 3514


The NEAA is partnered with Lumo to help spread the word about Research and Development claims (R&D). The region is world renowned for automotive manufacturing, with new and emerging technologies such as advanced propulsion, connected and autonomous vehicles, but stats also show that the North East is not claiming enough when it comes to R&D.

Manufacturing and Engineering are ideal R&D claim candidates. For Example, do you:

  • Spend money on developing new products? Probably.
  • Spend money on creating new processes, or enhancing existing ones? Again, probably.

So, if the above applies to you, and you’re spending a lot of time and money developing new products and creating new processes, then R&D tax credits are something you should be looking at.

Calculate your claim

We’ve created a basic calculator to give an estimate on what your claim could be worth to you, find out more at Lumo

An Introduction to R&D for a Manufacturing and Engineering Business

Download Lumo’s free introduction guide to R&D for your Manufacturing and Engineering Business.

Contact Us

For further information on how Lumo can support your R&D tax credit claim, please get in touch with us  and we can provide further details and refer you to a Lumo representative, or contact:

01207 460616


Unplanned downtime is the curse of the automotive sector. These costs can spiral to hundreds of thousands of dollars per hour, with your maintenance teams left fighting fires, rather than focusing on what truly matters.

This partnership between Senseye ™ and the NEAA brings scalable AI predictive maintenance to our members.

Senseye is the leading cloud-based software for predictive maintenance. It helps manufacturers avoid downtime and save money by automatically forecasting machine failure without the need for expert manual analysis.

Its intelligent machine-learning algorithms allow it to be used on any machine from any manufacturer, taking information from existing and newly installed Industrial IoT sensors and platforms to automatically diagnose failures in advance to prevent unplanned downtime, reduce operating costs and help organisations meet their sustainability goals.

Welcome to the fourth Industrial Revolution.


More than 200 maintenance users at Nissan’s Sunderland plant use Senseye’s software to optimise maintenance activities and make repairs months before predicted machine failure. Over 3,000 Nissan assets – including robots, conveyors, drop lifters, pumps, motors, and press/stamping machines – are monitored across multiple production sites where models such as the Qashqai, X-Trail and LEAF are produced.

Contact Us

For further information on how Senseye can help your business, please get in touch with us  and we can provide further details and refer you to a Senseye representative, or contact:

+44 (0) 845 838 8615 (UK)
415 523-0447 (USA)


The NEAA Consumables Scheme from NBT Group is the simple solution needed to unlock more effective and efficient supply chain management, for every consumable purchase.

Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) is a highly complex area of indirect procurement, involving the supply and distribution of consumable products from a global supply chain network.

With so many potential suppliers available, it can be extremely time-consuming and costly to source items whilst also obtaining the best price on every order. Unnecessary waste and excess expenditure can quickly amount to a big, previously unidentified problem. The Marketplace provides the answer to these problems.

This scheme allows our members to find, source and purchase your consumables from one convenient location – anytime, anywhere.


  • Exclusively accessible to all NEAA members
  • Fully mapped data environment to drive business intelligence and category spend knowledge
  • Single search across all suppliers and all products for rapid part selection
  • Product comparison to drive optimal selection purchasing, based on price and availability
  • Fast and efficient reordering process
  • Deliveries that work to your requirements

Consumable categories include:

  • Specialist parts and tools
  • Electronic components
  • Tapes and adhesives
  • General office supplies
  • Furnishings
  • Much more…

Contact Us

If you are an NEAA member and you are looking at ways to make finding, sourcing, and purchasing your consumables easier, please get in touch with us and we can provide further details and refer you to an NBT Group representative.


A partnership between the NEAA and Xe is offering our members preferential rates in relation to international money transfer.

Xe provides comprehensive international money transfer and currency risk solutions for businesses, that can help safeguard profit margins and improve cashflow through quantifying the FX risk you face and implementing unique strategies to mitigate it.

Free FX Health Check

Xe are offering NEAA members a free FX Health Check/Review to ensure your current processes are working for your business.

FX Risk Management

The Xe currency experts and risk management specialists act as clients’ eyes and ears in the market to protect profits from the world’s volatile currency markets.

International Payments

Global transactions can be a headache. Deciding when to make an international payment and at what rate can be critical. But you don’t have to sit and wait, constantly checking the markets. Xe can take care of it. With a range of solutions to help you access competitive rates with greater control. So that’s one less thing to worry about.

Mass Payment Solutions

Enables businesses to process, execute and deliver multiple payments on a global scale from a single gateway or integrated into your own systems via our Mass Payments API.

Your company money is safe with Xe. The NASDAQ listed parent, Euronet Worldwide Inc., has a multi-billion-dollar market capitalisation and an investment grade credit rating.

Contact Us

If you are an NEAA member and you are trading outside of the UK and need effective FX risk management, please get in touch with us and we can provide further details and refer you to a Xe representative, or follow this link.