The NEAA is working with a number of specialist providers who can offer increased profitability to our members.

In the current climate there is a much greater emphasis on the reduction of fixed and variable costs. With this in mind, we currently have the following Saving Schemes in place that members can utilise:

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The NEAA is partnered with Lumo to help spread the word about Research and Development claims (R&D). The region is world renowned for automotive manufacturing, with new and emerging technologies such as advanced propulsion, connected and autonomous vehicles, but stats also show that the North East is not claiming enough when it comes to R&D.

Manufacturing and Engineering are ideal R&D claim candidates. For Example, do you:

  • Spend money on developing new products? Probably.
  • Spend money on creating new processes, or enhancing existing ones? Again, probably.

So, if the above applies to you, and you’re spending a lot of time and money developing new products and creating new processes, then R&D tax credits are something you should be looking at.

Calculate your claim

We’ve created a basic calculator to give an estimate on what your claim could be worth to you, find out more at Lumo

An Introduction to R&D for a Manufacturing and Engineering Business

Download Lumo’s free introduction guide to R&D for your Manufacturing and Engineering Business.

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For further information on how Lumo can support your R&D tax credit claim, please get in touch with us  and we can provide further details and refer you to a Lumo representative, or contact:

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