What is Business Efficiency & Effectiveness?

The Business Efficiency & Effectiveness program should not be regarded as solely a "ranking process" to find out who is best. Its true power lies when companies come together to carry out self-assessments of their manufacturing process. After identifying what they believe they are good at they are then willing to participate in a reciplicating idea sharing activity. The NEAA are prioritising our approach in the following areas:

KPI Best Practice Visits

Members can learn industry best practice from what our exemplar members do best. This provides unique access to understand subjects that can be transferred across companies but more importantly followed up with a cross company approach focus group methodology. Best Practice Visits has included Nissan, RTEK, Komatsu, Mecaplast, Calsonic Kansei and Lear Corporation, looking at a wide diversity of subjects from Overall Equipment Improvement to Safety.

Read our Case Studies on Best Practice and Collaboration.

Focus Groups

We see focus groups as a natural progression from best practice visits where industry sees a need to explore further, either a subject we have covered on a visit, or a subject that has been identified as needing further member activity.


We are benchmarking our exemplar companies in their business capability and using this data to focus improvement initiatives.

"A level of horizontal communication is now taking place between suppliers. These communication routes have remained closed for the last 2 decades. The Business Excellence activity has definitely won the trust of  suppliers based on the  principle that we share “best practice” and not ” trade secrets”. Without the NEAA relationship this mutual transfer of best practice would not have happened." Kasai UK

If you are a member company you can explore further information on Business Competitiveness in the Members Area of the website. If you haven't already, you will need to sign up to the website to access this information.