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Member to Member Support

Our members are reaching to out fellow members during these unprecedented times to offer their support and assistance. Below you will find member to member support and offers that have been made available.

If you would like to add your services to this list, please email


Posture Team – Office Screens

Social distancing has now become common practice (at least for the foreseeable future) and as we hopefully return to our workspaces in the next few weeks our thoughts immediately turn to the health and wellbeing of our employees. Government guidelines state that offices have to enforce similar distancing rules by changing floor layouts to ensure the 2 metre rule is adhered to.

Sneeze Screens are a great help as they attach to the top of your existing screens and can also be free standing. Download more information.


D&S Services – Shop Floor Screens

With recent announcements and the government trying to encourage people back to work its important companies put in place protective measures for their employees.

Please download more information on the shop floor screens. It’s a simple screen that can be placed anywhere creating a barrier between staff. It is available with or without wheels, the screen is clear PVC and the frame is powder coated steel.


Personnel High Temperature Pre-Screening/ Social Distancing System from Advantex

Using analytics and detection systems, Advantex can offer solutions out of the box or in many cases, often utilising your existing systems to help you to capitalise on you existing investment. The solution is a real time system that works to detect personnel with a high temperature or personnel that exceed a limit set by you. At just a few meters distance and by using several points on the face, the system will weigh up the data to give the most accurate fever detection with a guaranteed 98 accuracy rate from some systems. Advantex can also offer a system will detect when people are working outside of the 2 meter minimum distance for Social Distancing and if workers are breaching your guidelines for a safe working environment. Read more


Washable Antibacterial Face Masks from Wearwell

Wearwells Washable Antibacterial Face Mask provides effective face and mouth protection, helping to prevent infection from unwanted airborne micro-organisms. The silver ion antimicrobial technology offers continuous protection against bacterial growth, providing 99.9% effectiveness against known bacterial pathogens. Find out more information from their website here.


Occupational Health and Well-being Support from OH3

During this very challenging time, OH3 have changed their practices to allow to continue to support existing clients and new clients with a move to remote, online and urgent key worker assessments to look after the health and well-being of the employees and keep clients covered with their statutory health requirements. As well as continuing to provide absence and support medicals by telephone and skype they are also providing clients with COVID-19 related services including:

  • COVID-19 health risk consultations for vulnerable an employees
  • COVID-19 pregnancy risk assessments for pregnant workers
  • COVID-19 return-to-work assessments for employees returning from a period of self-isolation or following symptoms or a diagnosis of COVID-19
  • Absence management assessments
  • Online Remote workstation assessments
  • Online Employment Medical questionnaire assessments
  • Urgent key worker medicals

Email Helen Woodcock – or call 0191 6531001


Recovery4Life, Covid-19 Testing and Supporting the North East

Recovery4Life (R4L) are a Gateshead-based business specialising in drug, alcohol and mental health services, experts in testing, training and treatment for businesses. R4L are the only company in the North East region offering the only test that identifies the Covid-19 variant strain and differentiates nine other non-lethal viruses with the same symptoms.

Recovery4life have a test for Coronavirus along with 9 other related viruses (including SARS) which they are offering to B2B clients to support business continuity – particularly to support key staff and either keep them in work or get back to work asap. Get in touch on

Download more information


Are you ready for IT? 50% off the first 3 months of a 12-month IT support professional contract  from Bowe

The future business landscape is evolving – changing times are making us change the way we work, and this may well shape our business futures for some time to come. At Bowe they have always been passionate about supporting clients with their growth plans. Over the past few years, they have played an integral part in the scaling up and expansion of many of our clients across key sectors. One thing is for certain, technology is at the heart of our futures!

Now, even more so, they are delivering solutions to enable clients to work remotely and engage with their teams & clients so that they remain operational and focused on growth. By getting clients up and running with Microsoft 365 and ensuring they have the best antivirus and disaster recovery software, Bowe have ensured that even in difficult times, they can keep businesses running. 

Bowe are offering 50% off the first 3 months of a 12-month IT support professional contract – with a full initial free IT audit and free antivirus software, this really is a future ready offer!

Contact: / / 0191 2141750 / Quote NEAA OFFER


Is now actually a good time to invest? by Brewin Dolphin

Read the comprehensive guide here. For more information contact Chris Black, Divisional Director on


Solutions for Social Distancing from FlowStore

Social Distancing Flooring and Markings

  • Create a safer workplace for everyone with clear messaging and markers to maintain social distancing measures. To support business planning for reopening of sites, FlowStore have added a range of social distancing signage to its material handling solutions.

Social distancing screens

  • Clear PETG screens manufactured in lightweight aluminium so easy to move around the workplace as required.


Adapt to a Changing Landscape – and Keep your Company Strong with Horizon Works

Samantha Vassallo, founder and managing director of B2B marketing company Horizon Works, provides guidance to NEAA members on marketing and communicating – both internally and externally – during these challenging times. It is currently a challenging time for many NEAA members – and even more difficult when we are all uncertain as to how long the Coronavirus pandemic will affect us, our families and our businesses. But by taking proactive steps now, you can put your business in a more secure position which will help it to stay strong, recover faster and build for the future. Read the full article here:


R&D Tax Claims to Support Cash Flow

In light of the current climate Lumo would like to offer any businesses who are concerned about their cash flow the opportunity to talk about claiming R&D tax credits. R&D tax credits are a government tax relief that rewards innovative UK companies. R&D tax credit relief for SME’s is between 24.7% - 33% in the £1 of all qualifying costs and is available to companies that spend money developing new products, processes or enhancing existing ones. Many businesses are carrying out innovation on a daily basis and are unaware they do it automatically as they include it in their daily processes. Spotting these processes and documenting them could help your business claim back thousands in revenue and give your business a much needed cash injection.
With businesses focusing on staying afloat during the Covid-19 pandemic it’s imperative that they have as much cash in the bank as possible. In turn being as cash efficient as possible R&D tax credits is a quick approach to corporation tax savings and or cash back in to businesses. Lumo can turn around an R&D claim within 7 days with minimal interruption to you and your business, and ensure a return on your bottom line averaging from 30% upwards.
Call 01207 460616 or email


Settlement Agreement Support from Samuel Phillips

Samuel Phillips recognise that many members will be having to make changes as a result of difficult trading conditions and getting parts from China during the crisis. As a member of the NEAA, they can offer discounted fees for settlement agreements.

For employers needing support writing and issuing settlement agreements, we will charge £500 +VAT per agreement.  For themed groups or teams, we will charge £500 +VAT for the first agreement and then £350 per agreement thereafter. For employees who need advice and support with a settlement agreement that they have been issued, we will only charge £250 +VAT per employee.

For more information, please contact Sharon Boyd, Chief Executive on 0191 255 0204 /


Hand Sanitiser

NEAA Members - Superior Recruitment Group are an international provider of recruitment services to a multitude of sectors, offering contract, permanent and executive solutions. Utilising their network, they have been able to gain access to both 50ml and 100ml hand sanitisers.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Gareth Allen, MD, Superior Recruitment Group


Wolf Group Full Stack Software Development Skills

Wolf has already migrated a number of clients to the Cloud for scalability and security. Wolf has also looks after the e-commerce backend solutions architecture for those that want to optimise and integrate their inventory and B2B and B2C infrastructure. They have a remote team of 15 developers all actively working projects with larger manufacturers in the region.

For further information, contact


Orgatex Footprints and Clearview Floor Frames for Social Distancing

As a nation, are we struggling to adapt to social distancing? The government has issued advice stating we should maintain a safe space from one another to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

Orgatex Footprints and Clearview Floor Frames were recently implemented in a Subway store as an effective visual solution. Orgatex is available to support all businesses, however big or small, during this unprecedented time with social distancing visual management.

For more information, please contact Joanne Cox 0191 386 1240 / or visit


E-Max Systems COVID-19 Fast Track ERP Implementation

If you are a company looking to provide the NHS with products or supply to the supply chain but you don’t have the right systems in place to do so, E-Max has created a fast track team to enable companies to get up and running with a standard ERP set up within 2 weeks. Key areas which can be supported include: 

Stock Control; Serial Number Traceability; Batch Traceability; Delivery Notes; Commercial Invoices with costs; Drawing Revision; Returns Management; Rework Management; Replacement Management; Procurement; Compatible with accounting procedures.

For more information, please contact Jason Pritchard, Sales Director on /


Brewin Dolphin Offer Market Commentary for NEAA Members

The UK is, as we know, very much in unchartered waters, with the current lockdown unprecedented in recent British history. There’s little benefit in describing the recent movements in financial markets, which are plain for all to see. This then leaves two principal questions: Where will events & markets go from here and what should we be doing about it? Read more from Brewin Dolphin here.


The NBT Group Product Range Support

COVID-19 is placing a new and increasing challenge on businesses, The NBT Group are here to support you through this with a range of products - contact the team at


Zest I/O Shoptech Manufacturing Software 

During these challenging times, Zest I/O are committed to supporting UK manufacturers and critical supply chains they operate in, by making working remotely as simple as possible. ZEST I/O is a UK partner for Shoptech Software, a manufacturing software which offers multiple apps available for Apple and Android devices. The Cloud Based ERP System means you can track jobs from any location, check on inventory, stock, purchase orders, delivery dates for jobs and more. In light of these challenging times, Shoptech is offering a series of fortnightly webinars to help businesses, which can be found here: For more information contact


Solutions Recruitment Temporary Workforce Support and Drivers for Logistics

Solutions Recruitment understands that in light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, that a number of Core Members are looking at various options affecting their employee operations, including the use of Temps. They have already worked with several manufacturers in the North East to support their temporary and permanent recruitment needs and can amongst other things offer;

  • Large pool of manufacturing & technical staff on registered and available on their database – all pre-screened
  • Robust internal coronavirus controls including processes and controls for temporary workforce
  • Ability to support manufactures in the NE with local talent for the short/long term

Download more information

Download driver information

For more information, please contact Peter Lowe, Head of Development on / 07969983681


Emergency Rapid Bridge to Production Parts Available in 72 Hours

Amtech is offering a Rapid Bridge to Production Solution. Do you have a shortage of essential parts to keep your production going? Do you need parts now you currently source from China? What if we could reverse engineer a part to give an immediate solution.

Get in touch now and call 0191 4541900 or email to see how they can help.


University Experts Create Coronavirus-Fighting Door Openers to Help Keep People Safe

The University of Sunderland’s AMAP department have come up with a creative response to the current coronavirus crisis - a way to open doors without using your hands. Experts from the Institute for Automotive and Manufacturing Advanced Practice (AMAP) designed and manufactured the product in less than a day, with the help of a 3D printer.

Now AMAP is offering to share the design of the product with others who feel it could assist in the current crisis. Anyone interested in using the designs or finding out more is asked to contact AMAP on 0191 5153888 or


Training Management Support from Moralbox

As some manufacturing businesses are slowing or even stopping production due to COVID-19, this could be a good time to review and update your training management processes.

Workforce Manager will help you to work remotely in the short term and put steps in place to be more efficient on the other side of this crisis. To help with this Moralbox are offering a 3 month free period followed by a 3 month half-price subscription period of the Moralbox Workforce Manager product to fellow NEAA members.

To see further information and take advantage of this offer, please visit 


Reduced Rates for New Clients During Lockdown from Sparta Security

Sparta would like to offer their professional security guard services at a reduced rate to any new clients needing security assistance during any government-imposed "lock down". The reduced rate will be effective until such time as any lock down is lifted and normal service resumed.

To discuss this offer or any other security advice or help you may need, don't hesitate to call 01325 582 122 or email

Download more information


Microsoft Teams User Guide from ICT

Download more information


Online Courses from New Results Training

More than just an online course, New Results’ tailored training programme offers a unique blend of independent online learning coupled with a flexible offline support package, completed at a pace that suits each individual. In addition to completing the online training modules, trainees can access the team of experienced coaches over the phone or via email.

For more information about New Results’ online training courses, please contact 0800 030 4323, email or visit