The NEAA Energy Scheme

The NEAA is working to help companies buy better and use less when it comes to their energy.  

As a partnership we understand the importance of managing your utility consumption and spend efficiently. 

NEAA members can access these services for free:

  • Bill Checking - Let our experts check your energy bills to make sure that everything is as it should be. Our staff will check for out-of-contract rates, and will look over your VAT, CCL, and KVA. This is the first step in our service and allows us to examine your utility usage and offer advice on how we can help you to lower your consumption and associated costs.
  • Removing your Estimated Bills - Let us remove your estimated bills. The Utilitywise team will be in regular contact to collect your meter readings and pass them onto your supplier. If you opt to procure through Utilitywise, most of our tariffs now include fitting an AMR meter which will send data on consumption directly to the energy supplier eliminating estimated bills once and for all.
  • Energy Audit Scoping Visits – Diagnostic visit to understand spend on energy and energy hotspots.

From understanding your bill, to energy legislation, checking if you’re DEC and air-conditioning inspection is up to date, through to ESOS compliance, we can help.  

For more information please call 0191 516 4400 or email