EV North

The UK was the first major economy in the world to pass laws to end its contribution to global warming by 2050, and the acceleration towards vehicle electrification was prominent in the headlines with the Government’s announcement that it was set to ban petrol and diesel cars by 2035.

The region is home to Europe’s most successful Electric Vehicle (EV), the Nissan LEAF, Europe’s first giga battery manufacturing facility, and has full Power Electronics, Motors and Drives (PEMD) capability. The unveiling of Nissan's EV36Zero – a £1billion EV Hub to accelerate the journey to carbon neutrality – brings welcome news to the automotive sector, securing the future for many of the supply chain and reaffirming the region’s position as the UK’s leading location for vehicle electrification.

Couple this with recent investment announcements from Britishvolt, Turntide Technologies and Peak Resources, and the supporting research and development infrastructure from Driving the Electric Revolution Industrialisation Centres (DER-IC) – North East, this really does demonstrate how the North East is leading the UK’s electrification agenda.

The purpose of EV North is to strengthen the North East's manufacturing and research activity in electrified powertrain components and systems, to increase investment, activity and collaboration within existing NEAA members and attract new powertrain electrification businesses and investment to the North East region.

EV North is an important step in supporting the North East’s transition to become a true automotive powerhouse and a location of choice for automotive investment in Europe. The Group will be chaired by Ryan Maughan, founder of AVID Technology and has long been at the forefront of the shift towards electrification, specialising in the design and manufacture of electrified powertrain components.

The EV North mission is to:

  • Promote the North East as a key global centre for manufacture and development of electrification technologies
  • Raise the profile of the region and its capabilities within the UK and internationally both with Government and automotive OEMs and Supply Chain
  • Encourage collaborative R, D & I projects to leverage public and private sector investment 
  • Ensure engagement with further and higher education for relevant provision of skills for the future of the sector
  • Maximise the benefits to the region of the Driving the Electric Revolution (DER) programme and DER Centre North East
  • Identify opportunities to exploit our automotive electrification capabilities and seek opportunities in other sectors
  • Attract investment to the region to support building and scale-up of manufacturing, research and development excellence for electrified powertrain components
  • Align strategies with national and regional priorities and leverage support from the public sector

EV North will support through:

  • Gateway to NEAA membership
  • Dissemination & promotion
  • Consortia building
  • Supply chain visualisation
  • Supply chain development
  • International trade
  • Inward investment
  • Events


For further information on EV North, contact the NEAA Team.