NEAA Marketplace - Consumables Scheme

The NEAA Marketplace is the simple solution needed to unlock more effective and efficient supply chain management, for every consumable purchase.

Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) is a highly complex area of indirect procurement, involving the supply and distribution of consumable products from a global supply chain network.

With so many potential suppliers available, it can be extremely time-consuming and costly to source items whilst also obtaining the best price on every order. Unnecessary waste and excess expenditure can quickly amount to a big, previously unidentified problem. The Marketplace provides the answer to these problems.

The NEAA Marketplace allows members to find, source and purchase their consumables from one convenient web browser based location – anytime, anywhere.

  • Products are organised by vendor, product category, price and lead time availability, allowing detailed comparisons to be made prior to purchasing.
  • Members can save their favourite products, directly compare key decision-sensitive information (such as price, availability, product variants and customisation options) and choose from a wide range of items.
  • Categories include: specialist parts and tools, electronic components, tapes and adhesives, general office supplies, furnishings and many more from a wide range of suppliers.

Visit the NEAA Marketplace

Evolution has gained a reputation for finding new efficiencies and driving savings that directly improve bottom line results. Specialising in on-site inventory management solutions implemented within manufacturing sites, (such as Hitachi Rail Europe, Unipres and ZF-TRW), involving the redesigning of storeroom areas and installation and management of intelligent industrial vending machines.

Key Benefits

  • Exclusively accessible to all NEAA members.
  • Fully mapped data environment to drive business intelligence and category spend knowledge.
  • Single search across all suppliers and all products for rapid part selection.
  • Product comparison to drive optimal selection purchasing, based on price and availability.
  • Fast and efficient reordering process.
  • Deliveries that work to your requirements.

For further information regarding the NEAA – Evolution MRO Marketplace partnership, please contact: