Predictive Maintenance Scheme - Senseye

Reduce unplanned downtime and maximize OEE with Senseye: The leading, scalable industrial predictive maintenance product

A partnership between Senseye™ and the NEAA brings scalable predictive maintenance to NEAA members.

Senseye is the leading cloud-based software for predictive maintenance. It helps manufacturers avoid downtime and save money by automatically forecasting machine failure without the need for expert manual analysis. Its intelligent machine-learning algorithms allow it to be used on any machine from any manufacturer, taking information from existing Industrial IoT sensors and platforms to automatically diagnose failures and provide the remaining useful life of machinery.

Driven by Industry 4.0 / the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), industrial operations are increasingly autonomous. Factories contain numerous sensors that provide real-time data on the status of production and machinery to optimise operations. Welcome to the fourth Industrial Revolution.

More than 200 maintenance users at Nissan’s Sunderland plant use Senseye’s software to optimise maintenance activities and make repairs months before predicted machine failure. Over 3,000 Nissan assets - including robots, conveyors, drop lifters, pumps, motors and press/stamping machines - are monitored across multiple production sites where models such as the Qashqai, X-Trail, Leaf and Infiniti are produced.

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For further information on how Senseye can help your business, please contact:

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