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Advancing the Competitiveness of NE Automotive SMEs
(ACE SME) Programme

Eligible North East SMEs can benefit from the ERDF funded SME Programme, which focuses on advancing the competitiveness of North East automotive SMEs.

The programme covers:

  1. Network & Connectivity
    • Promotion of company capability
    • Increased business and collaboration opportunities
    • Networking
    • Workshops
    • Events
  2. Business Excellence (Business Competitiveness)
    • Benchmarking on KPIs against peers within the region
    • Access to best practice visits
    • Support for ongoing business improvements via focus groups, peer to peer support from BP host, specialist consultants
  3. Innovation & Technology
    • Showcasing SME technology
    • Improving links with universities
    • Support the commercialisation of new technologies
    • Dissemination of funding opportunities and support to identify partners
    • Exemplar projects programme with funding to enable companies to bring new technology or processes to market
  4. Trade & Investment
    • Attracting SMEs into the supply chain
    • Developing trade opportunities for SMEs through:
      • NEAA’s cluster to cluster collaborations
      • Opportunity to join NEAA trade missions and/or at key trade shows
      • Linking UKTI support to SMEs international activity
      • Promotion of company capability on a global level
      • Promotion of UKTI business opportunity alerts via NEAA e-newsletter
      • Promotion of UKTI and SMMT trade missions

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