North East Local Skills Improvement Plan (NELSIP)

Developing a plan to help provide a resilient and responsive supply of the skills needed to drive economic success and investment in the region.

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The NEAA has been appointed by the Department for Education to lead the development of a new Local Skills Improvement Plan for the North East. We will be working with businesses, education and training providers, key stakeholders and cross-sector Employer Representative Bodies to develop a plan which meets future business needs and provides a resilient and responsive supply of the skills needed to drive economic success and investment in the region.

NELSIP Final Report

The content of this report is final and approved by the Secretary of State.

What is a Local Skills Improvement Plan?

The North East Local Skills Improvement Plan (NELSIP) will set out the key changes needed to ensure post-16 technical education and training is responsive to the needs of employers in the region. The NELSIP will be employer-led and drive the actions needed to supply the current and future workforce required to improve productivity, growth, and investment in those sectors key to the economic success of the region, including advanced manufacturing.

How will it be developed?

The NEAA will engage widely with businesses and stakeholders across different sectors to develop a clear understanding of their skills requirements and how new technologies, digitalisation and the pursuit of Net Zero will impact their future workforce requirements. We will hold meetings, workshops and conduct surveys to gather input and feedback from employers. We will also be working closely with local colleges, universities, and training providers to align learning provision with future business needs, and to ensure it is attractive and accessible to people in the region.

What region does the NELSIP cover?

The NEAA is leading the development for the North East LSIP which is focused on the skills requirements of businesses located in Sunderland, Gateshead, South Tyneside and County Durham. We will work closely with the Employer Representative Bodies developing LSIPs for adjacent regions (North of Tyne and Tees Valley) as we appreciate that some sectors and businesses span the broader North East region.

How can I get involved?

We’re keen to get input from as many stakeholders as possible. If you represent a business in the region, please tell us about your recent experience of securing the skills your organisation needs. The QR code to the right will take you to a few introductory questions, and we would really appreciate your feedback. It will also invite you to get involved in contributing more input to developing the NELSIP in the coming months.

If you are keen to find out more on the NELSIP, please get in touch with the NEAA by contacting
Mark David, Skills Project Manager on or +44 (0) 7955 316 418