New Standards in Sustainable Refrigerated Circulators in All Performance Classes

With the introduction of several new refrigerated circulators, JULABO now offers environmentally friendly and energy-efficient units across the entire performance range from 200 watts to 2.5 kW.

Powerful refrigerated circulators under the product brands CORIO, DYNEO, and MAGIO have been indispensable in laboratories and for industrial applications worldwide for years. The latest models come with groundbreaking innovations:

  • All devices operate with natural refrigerants, making a significant contribution to climate protection.
  • The larger cooling units, starting at 800 watts of cooling capacity, offer impressive energy savings of up to 70%: Electronic expansion valves, speed-controlled compressors and fans allow usage-dependent power consumption. This results in significant operational cost savings in many application scenarios, leading to a faster amortization of acquisition costs.
  • Despite delivering high performance, JULABO’s newest generation of refrigerated circulators is remarkably compact, making them space-efficient in laboratory surroundings.

Which products are new?

The MAGIO MX-1800F and MAGIO MX-2500F are the new flagships of the refrigerated circulators. They boast a strong cooling capacity of 1.87 and 2.57 kW at 20 °C with a working temperature range of -50 … +200 °C.

With the 1200FW, JULABO now also offers a water-cooled version of this powerful cooling machine for our CORIO, DYNEO, and MAGIO product brands.
Check out: MAGIO MS-1200FW , DYNEO DD-1200FW , CORIO CP-1200FW , CORIO CD-1200FW

The new models of the proven refrigerated circulators DYNEO DD-200F, CORIO CP-200F and CORIO CD-200F are now also available with natural refrigerants. The entry-level class of refrigerated circulators offers a cooling capacity of 0.2 kW at 20 °C in a very compact design.
Check out: DYNEO DD-200F , CORIO CP-200F , CORIO CD-200F

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