Optimising Cooling Time in Injection Moulding – Free Webinar taking place on 20th Feb

To assist industries in leveraging simulation-driven solutions to bolster their competitiveness in today’s market, software developer, CoreTech System Co., Ltd has scheduled a series of free webinars.

These webinars cover various topics, including an overview of Moldex3D plastic injection molding simulation capabilities, industry applications, and other hot topics to make the most out of the features and capabilities delivered by Moldex3D. View the range of webinar recordings here: http://wildeanalysis.co.uk/resource/resource_type/webinar-video/product/moldex3d/?orderby=date&order=DESC

Next Upcoming Live Webinar: Optimizing Cooling Time in Injection Moulding

Date: 20th Feb

Time: 9am GMT

Cooling is the longest portion of the injection molding cycle. A reduction in the cooling time can help achieve significant savings. This webinar will focus on Moldex3D’s cooling simulation capabilities.

Attendees will learn how to use Moldex3D to predict potential molding problems such as hot spots, shrinkage, warping, residual stress, etc., and how to evaluate the effectiveness of different cooling channel designs.

Join this webinar to see how Moldex3D Cooling Simulation can help you meet cycle time, part quality and lead time requirements. To book a place at this live webinar, please register here: https://wildeanalysis.co.uk/events/webinar-optimizing-cooling-time-injection-molding/