AVISTUD Announces Name Change

AVISTUD, the leading stud welding system manufacturer for the automotive industry, has announced a new name for its company.

The last year has been very exciting for the AVISTUD team. The company, which designs and produces innovative stud welding equipment for the leading production lines of the automobile manufacturers, was founded as an independent company in early 2019 after the sale of its previous parent company Nelson Stud Welding.

Immediately afterwards, its production was successfully relocated to a new, state-of-the-art plant in Breckerfeld, new products were introduced and new business was concluded, while the previous customers continued to be offered excellent service. However, the changes are not yet complete: AVISTUD will become IVOSTUD at the end of February.

Dietmar W. Guttroff comments: “This is the last missing piece in our transformation. Since the quick change necessary to end the use of the Nelson name, we have become aware of another brand that is similar enough that our customers may be confused when using it. Since we have only recently started using the AVISTUD name, we decided to take steps to change the name. We want to make sure that the name of our company reflects the uniqueness of our products without risking confusion with the products of another company, regardless of the location of our customers worldwide. ”

As a result, the company will rename its global network while maintaining the rest of the logo and identity that its customers have become familiar with since the inception of the independent company last year. AVISTUD GmbH AVISTUD, part of the Doncasters Group, is a global specialist in stud welding technology for the automotive industry. With six regional locations, various local distributors and local sales and service offices, we ensure competent and solution-oriented customer service for our partners and users of our stud welding technology.