Paragon Launches New Rapid Online Ordering Solution

Its official, 2016 was the year that online shopping overtook in store sales with 51% of shoppers now preferring to make purchases online.

This trend is something businesses can’t afford to ignore, and now we are getting in on the act too by launching our own online shopping site.

Our rapid quote and online ordering solution for basic models provides customers with the tools they need to select a 3D Printing process, material, lead time and pay for it all online in under 5 minutes. We have also introduced a more streamlined shopping portal for more complex prototyping projects with our ‘Upload and Request a Call’ solution.

Our Commercial Director, Ian Jobling, had this to say about the exciting developments: "Customers are developing new products faster than even and Paragon play a fundamental part in making this even slicker.

"We have listened to our customers and acted quickly to save them time. Our customers no longer need to wait for a quote and can order basic 3D print online in just a few clicks."

Stereolithography (SLA)

With 5 SLA machines, our superior lead times cater for tighter deadlines. Models can be produced in a variety of resins, displaying varying mechanical properties for specific applications and functionality.

Laser Sintering (SLS)

Our three Sinterstations offer a build envelope of up to 380mm x 330mm x 457mm and parts can be produced in robust white Nylon 12 PA650 or Glass Filled PA615-GS. With enhanced digital technology, SLS is now 30-40% faster