Thermoformed packaging specialists, Charpak, provide solutions that eliminate plastic waste with their circular economy model

In January 2019 Charpak Ltd launched a Cambridgeshire-wide Localised Circular Economy where single use plastics are eliminated wherever possible from the supply chain.

Charpak have led the programme development with the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Waste Partnership (RECAP), the waste contractor and re-processor.

Manufacturing packaging which contains up to 90% recycled material, the programme takes PET waste collected locally to the re-processor. The material is sorted, super-cleaned and re-formed into rPET sheet which is the company’s raw material for automotive supply chain packaging. Other materials are already underway in feasibility trials as part of the company’s NPD investment programme.

Niall Johanson, Automotive Lead, said: “Minimising waste in the natural environment is a responsibility Charpak takes very seriously. We must ensure plastic becomes a resource and not waste. As suppliers to the automotive industry we wish to drive the increased re-manufacture and lessen the impact on natural resources; our solutions add many benefits to reducing overall carbon footprint as well as reducing cost and increasing efficiency. We are looking to partner with NEAA members so we can collaborate in achieving the automotive transformation and sustainability targets.”