Animmersion’s work helps bring major new mine to life

Middlesbrough-based Animmersion has developed digital visualisations of the installation of the first 1,800-tonne tunnel boring machine (TBM) that will be used by Sirius Minerals to construct a 23-mile tunnel from Whitby to Wilton.

The digital services team has been working with Sirius Minerals for the past 12 months to create 3D animations of the engineering processes and infrastructure of the multibillion-pound mine project. It includes a 1.6km-deep mine near Whitby which will be connected to a processing plant at Wilton on Teesside by an underground transportation tunnel.

The processed fertiliser will then be transported via a 3.5 km conveyor to a harbour facility for shipping. The animations are used to demonstrate the engineering challenges and progress of the project to the public and investors.

Dominic Lusardi, owner and managing director of Animmersion, said: "We want to create a full suite of immersive and advanced visualisation for Sirius including VR, AR, interactive maps and holograms as a collection of digital tools that allow Sirius to use them through promotion, compliance and training.

"This development is a fascinating and major piece of infrastructure, which will have effects locally, regionally and globally as the fertiliser developed could feed the rest of the world for the next fifty years."

Maurice Rankin, general manager for corporate communications at Sirius, added: "We are using immersive technology to explain the opportunities available from this significant development and its positive impact on the local area, the country and world at large.

"It is a pleasure to work alongside a forward-thinking company that will exploit digital technology to explain our great ideas and industry-defining project."