No touch, straight from manufacture to lineside packaging, brings sustainability and efficiency savings


NEAA members, Charpak and Nifco, collaborate to develop high accuracy recyclable thermoformings.

Nifco UK and Charpak Ltd have collaborated to perfect Charpak’s thermoforming technology within the lithium ion battery component field.

Nifco are a global Tier 1 automotive supplier of bespoke injection moulded components.

Charpak is a specialist thermoforming company that designs recyclable and reusable packaging using up to 90% recycled PET waste for a number of industries including automotive, food & drink and medical.

The brief was to collaboratively design and develop a highly efficient packaging process to satisfy the stringent contamination-free requirements for lithium ion battery pack internal components.


The project developed robotically destackable trays that index into the line bed so the robotic arm(s) know where the cavities are without needing cameras. The cavities are designed and developed to eliminate bounce-out with 100% accuracy success rate.

Additional innovative assembly procedures can be carried out robotically. The engineered trays move down the line into dunnage where they are automatically sealed against each other for protection during transportation, thus ensuring perfect cleanliness. The trays, after being emptied, can be nested and returned for reuse, subject to cleaning and inspection. The nesting provides increased efficiency through saving around 80% space on the return leg within a sustainable circular process.


  • 100% accuracy was achieved.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility sustainability targets were met.
  • Pack rate per cubic metre was achieved.
  • Lineside cleanliness target was achieved.
  • No touch, component manufacture to assembly line target was met.

“Charpak’s holistic integrated design, prototyping, tooling and production has enabled a true step-change in the manufacturing accuracy of thermoformed packaging. This opens up all sorts of exciting possibilities in supply chain efficiency savings and vehicle reliability.”

Etienne Dodane, Automotive Lead
Charpak Ltd

“Working with packaging specialist, Charpak, to solve a packaging risk, has enabled Nifco to support our overseas customer in the EV field with zero defect product.”

Andy McDowall, General Manager Sales
Nifco UK

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