North East CNC Tooling Provider Benefits from Supply Chain North East Programme


NEAA’s North East Automotive Expo Facilitates Collaborative Project Between Exhibitors Renovo Solutions and Turnmill Engineering.

Renovo Solutions, a CNC-equipped rotary tool manufacturer and also a member of the NEAA, joined the Supply Chain North East (SCNE) programme in August 2019. In a short space of time, the company has maximised various strands of support including presence at the North East Automotive Expo in September.

During attendance at the Expo, Renovo met with fellow SCNE participants and NEAA member Turnmill Engineering. Turnmill, an outsourced ‘Kaizen Workshop’ with in-house design capability in Washington, was looking to engage with a company who had expertise in cutting-tool manufacture. Renovo was the ideal solution and both companies have since formed a longer term working relationship.


Turnmill provided Renovo with a sample of a broken component from a customer’s production line. The component contained a repeating serrated form which was analysed by Renovo and details of materials and machinery used to cut the part were supplied by Turnmill. Using this information, Renovo produced an indexable cutting tool to replicate the form on time and on budget.

After working with Renovo, Turnmill noticed a cost reduction in tooling expenditure by increasing tool life through re-sharpening. This has enabled Turnmill to reduce costings and pass the saving onto its customers.


  • Renovo maximised their company profile opportunity by exhibiting at the North East Automotive Expo 2019.
  • Won work with Turnmill Engineering as a direct result of exhibiting at the Expo.
  • Turnmill was able to solve its current tooling problem and took delivery of the bespoke tooling on spec, on time and on budget.
  • Turnmill has been able to reduce its costings by increasing tool life and pass on savings to its customers.
  • Renovo is able to provide quick turn around of a cutting tool, thus passing on this time saving to Turnmill and its customers.
  • Renovo received a number of other warm leads to follow up from the North East Automotive Expo.

“After meeting Turnmill at the Expo it was clear Andrew and the team had a clear vision to deliver an exceptional service to their new and existing customers. Renovo introduced its offerings and both companies quickly got into discussion about tooling issues Turnmill needed to overcome here in the North East. Since then, Renovo has delivered cost saving with its sustainable tool reconditioning service and increased productivity with special carbide cutting tools specifically designed for Turnmill’s application. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with Turnmill in the future.”

Antony Gray, Founder
Renovo Solutions

“We were impressed from first meeting Antony at the Expo 2019. After starting to use their service we noticed a cost reduction in our tooling expenditure by increasing tool life through re-sharpening. Working with the team at Renovo we can supply them with a simple part containing geometry or CAD files and they have been able to provide a quick turn around of a cutting tool, which has been of significant value to us.”

Andrew Howe, Director
Turnmill Engineering

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