Peter Routledge Joins Fuzzy Logic Studio

Fuzzy Logic Studio has announced the appointment of Peter Routledge to spearhead the company’s development of immersive learning solutions that meet the technical green skills demand.

Routledge brings expertise in technical learning, instructional curriculum design, and 3D product design, with a focus on the automotive and electrification sectors. He has honed his skills over a 20-year period in the education sector, which includes time spent teaching in secondary schools and technical colleges across the North East. More recently, Routledge led the development of learning material for the Emerging Skills Project in Electrification – a national pilot geared towards making the country a world leader in battery technology, power electronics, motors and drives.

On joining the company, he said: “The world of technical learning is changing, so it is an exciting time to be at the forefront of the drive to develop technologies that will transform how people build the competence required in the workplace.

“Building competence for technical learners in a forever changing technology environment has led to the adoption of new learning methodologies. Competence in the workplace requires various learning components, namely theory, practical experience and the ability to address unforeseen work-based scenarios. Advanced visualisation and simulation technologies can jumpstart a learner’s competence-building journey, increasing confidence by exposing them to numerous scenarios in the virtual world prior to them engaging in the real world.”

Over the coming months, he will be helping Fuzzy Logic to expand its offering in the design and development of immersive learning solutions for the UK’s green skills demand. This will include creating curriculum content which will then be transformed into engaging Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences that bridge the gap between the classroom and on-the-job experience.

An industry report by the High Value Manufacturing (HVM) Catapult found that demand for skills in automotive electrification is accelerating. Across automotive manufacturing roles related to batteries, power electronics and electric machines, 63% of current jobs roles will be subject to significant change. Analysis by the Institute of the Motor Industry also found that 90,000 automotive technicians will be required to service the volume of zero-emissions vehicles predicted to be on the road by 2030.

Harvey Trent, Director of Fuzzy Logic Studio, added: “This is an exciting phase for us as a business, with a renewed focus on how immersive technologies, such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, can be applied to accelerate the UK’s green economy.

“Peter’s knowledge of designing curriculum content for technical skills training, coupled with our experience in immersive learning solutions, will help us to provide an enhanced solution for delivering smarter, safer, and more effective learning applications.”

In the last 12 months, the software development firm has worked on groundbreaking immersive training applications for the HVM Catapult and Tyne Metropolitan College. It is also currently embarking on a collaboration with The Blair Project – a Black-owned STEM provider in Manchester – to build an immersive gaming app for underrepresented youth. The Proto EV 4 Skills app will teach vehicle design, electric vehicle (EV) propulsion and invention skills. This project recently received funding from the Driving The Electric Revolution Challenge, delivered by Innovate UK for UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).