Safety equipment maker adds to gas detection portfolio

A Blyth-based maker of safety equipment has added to its safety and gas detection portfolio with the launch of a mobile gas detector.

Draeger Safety UK, part of Dräger, has developed the device which offers simultaneous measurement of up to four different gases, for application in confined spaces to safeguard employees working in areas at risk of oxygen depletion, explosive atmospheres, or those where toxic substances may be present.

The product has integrated Bluetooth connectivity, meaning live gas readings and alters can be transferred in real-time to Dräger’s Gas Detection Connect cloud service.

Adam Pope, marketing manager, mobile gas measurement, Draeger Safety UK, said: “The new X-am 2800 will provide customers with the combined benefit of the latest connected technology plus a range of new features which mean that the X-am 2800 is a highly reliable and robust product.”

He added: “Our research has indicated that the introduction of new technology, which includes the use of connectivity, provides considerable opportunity to improve safety in the workplace, through advances such as real-time monitoring using systems such as Dräger Gas Detection Connect to provide additional safeguards to employee safety.”