SMS & SMS Tech is Expo drinks reception sponsor

Smart Manufacturing Solutions Ltd, an outsourced provider for the automotive, locomotive and aerospace manufacturing sector, partnered with SCALE Digital ltd in 2021 to incorporate SMS Technology.

The team at SMS consists of experts in quality, health & safety, operations and recruitment across multiple manufacturing sectors.

SCALE Digital has expertise in innovating, delivering and supporting manufacturing software.

Drawing on the synergy from both companies, SMS Tech provides a turn key Shop Floor Management solution designed to improve efficiency, overall performance and reduce the carbon footprint of a manufacturing business. It recognised there was a gap when it came to a digital solution designed specifically for the production phase of manufacturing, which existing ERP’s or MRPs do not cater for.

Its vision is to support manufacturers globally in going paperless and improving shop floor efficiency and productivity and help them achieve the 2030 zero emissions target.

Peter Williams, CEO, said: “We are looking forward to the Expo and to being drinks reception sponsor. Smart Manufacturing Solutions was established in 2020 and in just two years we are on track to achieve £3 million turnover.

“SMS Tech was established last year after we saw a gap in the market to help companies reduce their carbon footprint whilst offering a fully customisable system, we want the software to work around a business not the business around the system. We fully recognise that where many KPI’s are similar each organisation has their own metrics they want to track.

“Free flowing data often stops when it hits the manufacturing line, our shop floor management solution allows the flow of data to continue, ensuring KPIs are achieved. The core values of the solution are dedicated to improving the efficiency and overall performance of the manufacturing shop floor by reducing the time spent on non-value-added tasks. Having one system that integrates and manages all the core information needed to operate a production line eradicates the reliance of paper-based tasks, thus reducing environmental waste and a business’s carbon footprint. Further supporting this SMS Tech have partnered with trees for cities and for every client onboarded or for 10,000 forms going through the system have pledged to plant a tree here in the North East to further support carbon reduction measures.

“The Expo will provide a great opportunity to meet like-minded organisations and to highlight our services to a wider audience.”

Laura Gage, Marketing & PR Manager at the NEAA said: “The achievements of Smart Manufacturing Solutions and SMS Tech in such a short period of time are huge and it’s great to see this success from North East businesses.

“We are delighted to have SMS and SMS Tech as event sponsors in 2022 and we hope exposure at the Expo will help these businesses take on further growth. I encourage all our delegates and exhibitors to join us at the new drinks reception at the close of the event for some informal networking and refreshments.”