Teamworking and Leadership Workshops from NEAA Member Interdigitate

Build your skills with other North East Automotive Alliance members and save 12% on 2023 prices, fixed until spring 2024.

NEAA Member Interdigitate are pleased to share details of an exclusive offer for their Teamworking and Leadership Workshops which include Lumina Spark™ Personality Profiling.

The offer includes a 12% discount against 2023 prices, fixed for NEAA members until spring 2024. This is a “per person” format, particularly good for smaller companies or those who can’t simultaneously release entire teams for operational reasons – allowing them to meet and learn with fellow Alliance Members.

Alternatively, talk to Interdigitate about booking dedicated sessions for your business.
£154 + VAT per person for shared courses in February and March.

Download further information here: NEAA Teamworking Offer

Teamworking Workshops

Regardless of your experience or role our fast-paced workshops combine theory, personal insight and practical exercises to bring teams together in an involving, reflective and dynamic way. Understand your “self”, value diversity and the strength of others, learn how to build relationships and co-create tangible strategies for the workplace.

Our workshops include:

  • Full day of working with cross industry peers
  • Fast-paced and interactive applied learning
  • Safe space to practise leadership and team skills
  • Individual and team personality profiling
  • Reflective learning
  • Coaching-led personal action planning
  • Practical skills
  • Psychological safety and communication skills.

Lumina Spark™ Personality Profiling

  • A unique portrait of who you really are
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Reveal hidden potential
  • Cope better under pressure
  • Full Lumina Spark personality portrait
  • Work effectively with others through the App

Post-Workshop Seminars

  • Online group coaching encouraging attendees to reflect on the application of their workshop learning
  • Share real life experiences workplace experiences with your peers
  • Refine your approach through further coaching
  • Embed the content, to create meaningful returns on your training investment
  • Option for one-to-one coaching.

Download further information here: NEAA Teamworking Offer

In all cases, those who are interested can contact Simon Merchant on or drop a note to