Technology company reaches new milestone

A North East-based developer of sustainability and electrification technologies has reached a new milestone, driven by vehicle manufacturers accelerating their electrification strategies.

More than 300,000 vehicles are now using its electric powertrain components and batteries across its combined customer base.

Turntide’s suite of electrification components includes batteries, inverters, motors, pumps and thermal components and are currently in use across a broad range of vehicle types.

Chris Pennison, senior vice president of operations for Turntide’s transport business unit, said: “As we continue to scale our EV powertrain capabilities, this achievement reflects the broad spectrum of vehicles and equipment embracing electrification.

“While passenger cars have become the most recognised adopters of electrification, Turntide is partnering with commercial, industrial, and specialist vehicle OEMs to transition from fossil fuel combustion to fully electric, zero-emission powertrains.”

Mark Cox, general manager of Turntide’s transport business unit, said: “Traditionally, commercial vehicle manufacturers have faced barriers to electrification, including power, performance, and total cost of ownership.

“Both the maturation of technologies and recent advances in battery technologies are clearing new pathways for success. Electric machines are now on par with their combustion engine counterparts with added benefits of minimal service and maintenance costs, no exhaust fumes, and increased after-hours/noise-restricted work opportunities.”

Last year, Turntide acquired three electric vehicle component suppliers: AVID Technologies, Hyperdrive Innovation, and BorgWarner Gateshead, all based in North East England, combining them as Turntide Transport.