Beyond Picking and Packing

Unexplored Applications of AMRs in Warehouse Operations from NEAA member North Automation Group Ltd.

AMRs in Warehouse Operations: The surge in e-commerce and demand for swift deliveries has spotlighted the importance of efficiency in warehousing. While many are aware of the role of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) in conventional tasks like picking and packing, there are numerous less-explored applications that these robots are reshaping within the industry.

  1. Security and Surveillance: Traditionally, warehouses have depended on CCTV and manual patrols for security. Enter AMRs equipped with advanced cameras and sensors, offering round-the-clock surveillance. These robots can detect unauthorised entries, monitor for potential hazards, and even track the health of stored goods, ensuring optimal storage conditions.
  2. Inventory Forecasting: With integrated machine learning capabilities, AMRs can now analyse inventory trends. This allows warehouses to predict demand patterns, facilitating more informed stock replenishment decisions and reducing instances of overstocking or stockouts.
  3. Waste Management: Efficient warehousing isn’t just about managing products; it’s also about managing waste. AMRs can be programmed to identify and collect waste materials, ensuring a cleaner workspace and aiding in the recycling process.
  4. Energy Management: Some cutting-edge AMRs are equipped with sensors that monitor a warehouse’s energy usage. By identifying areas where energy consumption is high or wasteful, these robots can recommend adjustments, leading to a greener and more cost-effective facility.
  5. Employee Training and Onboarding: Using augmented reality interfaces, AMRs can guide new employees through the warehouse, teaching them about safety protocols, operational procedures, and more. This not only accelerates the onboarding process but also ensures a uniform training experience.

In essence, while picking and packing remain core functionalities, the potential applications of AMRs in warehouse operations are vast and still expanding. As technology progresses and the demands of modern warehousing evolve, the horizon for AMRs will only broaden, offering solutions that are both innovative and integral to the industry’s future.