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Univet s.r.l

Univet, a revered Italian brand, stands as a luminous beacon within a dynamic international group. With an illustrious heritage spanning over 25 years, our journey is steeped in a rich tradition of excellence and innovation.

Founded in 1997, in Brescia (Northern Italy) by the visionary Engineer Armando Portesi and nurtured by his son Paolo Portesi, Univet remains a cherished family-owned business. This legacy of passionate dedication infuses every aspect of our work, driving us to exceed expectations and redefine industry standards.

At Univet, we are the architects of precision, specializing in design & optical technologies that span 3 main divisions: Loupes, Laser and Safety. Our diverse range encompasses Dental and Surgical magnification glasses, Industrial Safety Eyewear, Prescription Glasses, Medical Protective Eyewear, and Cleanroom Eyewear, along with cutting-edge Laser Safety Protection.

What sets Univet apart is our unwavering commitment to in-house excellence. From design and research to rigorous testing, meticulous production, and streamlined logistics, every facet of our operation is under our direct control. This vertical integration ensures that our products bear the hallmark of quality, performance, and innovation that is synonymous with Univet.

Our international presence is a testament to our global appeal. With seven subsidiaries strategically positioned around the world, we transcend geographical boundaries to bring Univet's renowned optical solutions to discerning professionals everywhere.

Univet is not just a brand; it's a symbol of trust, innovation, and enduring craftsmanship. Join us in celebrating over 25 years of design and optical excellence as we continue to shape the future of vision, one groundbreaking innovation at a time. Experience the Univet difference today and see the world with clarity, precision, and uncompromising style.

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