Fleet-as-a-Service delivers 24% Transport Saving!

Newcastle-based technology specialist The Algorithm People is combining its award-winning pay-as you-go “My Transport Planner” optimisation service in a ground-breaking partnership with AFD Software’s innovative geocoding technology, to deliver two vital component of its “Fleet as a Service”(FaaS) platform.

The Algorithm People provide route optimisation and decarbonisation solutions to fleets, enabling them to operate more efficiently – while also effectively planning their road-map for electric and other low-emission vehicles to access charging infrastructure.

Colin Ferguson, CEO of The Algorithm People said: “Combining our optimisation algorithms with AFD’s advanced geocoding and postcode-lookup service, will generate even greater savings and efficiencies for our clients. We saw a combined 24% reduction in mileage and 17% overall saving in time in trials we carried out, due to the very high accuracy of the address information.”

Ferguson continues: “Our partnership is also part of our wider strategic aims and adds measurable value to our FaaS community. The combined technologies will also help fleets and organisations decarbonise, by reducing the distance travelled and cutting emissions, significantly enhancing our Fleets-as-a-Service proposition.”

Jonathan Stocks, Sales & Marketing Director at AFD Software said: “Partnering with The Algorithm People and integrating our respective technologies, opens up a new market for us, and offers an enhanced value proposition with tangible benefits for our existing customers.”

“Our Address Validation and Matching technology provides a greater level of location accuracy, which reduces time spent by the driver trying to find addresses and when used in conjunction with The Algorithm People’s optimisation algorithms, delivers a further reduction in mileage“ continued Stocks.

AFD Software, known themselves as The Postcode People – the UK’s leading specialist address verification company helping thousands of companies to get address and location data right. With over 400 combined staff years working with UK address data and location datasets, AFD are the go-to company when accuracy and location are of the utmost importance – and their skill and experience help deploy and adapt that unique expertise in many real-world situations.

Ferguson adds: “Working with The Postcode People and our other partners, brings FaaS and the possibility of one API and a consolidated billing platform, one step closer. The future for technology providers is collaboration, with the value for fleets, integrated solutions, which when combined, deliver enhanced benefits that cannot be achieved, with multiple stand-alone systems.”