GB Belting adds plastic modular belting to its stock range

Tough, versatile, flexible and on 3-5 days standard delivery

Long and proud history

GB Belting has been trading for over 30 years and founder (and father of our managing director Jeremy) Gerry Byrne cut his teeth with 11 years at Goodyear. He took the brave decision to go into business supplying fabric reinforced belting. The company went from strength to strength and his son, Jeremy took over the reins several years ago.

Investing in the future

GB Belting is now a leading manufacturer and supplier of process and conveyor belts supplying to companies in food processing, logistics, autos and building materials. Being a progressive business Jeremy is constantly looking to improve the organisation to the advantage of customers old and new. This includes investment in a robotic splice press that provides additional capacity, improves quality and maintains speedy turnaround times and recently negotiating to be exclusive distributor for Modutech plastic modular belting in England, Wales and the Republic of Ireland.

Tough, versatile and flexible

Plastic modular belting has an important function within many production processes, in particular when the advantages of positive drive and tracking are paramount. Materials are strong and resistant to abrasion and corrosion.

They can be built to almost any length and width and may be fitted with flights, sidewalls and other accessories. Plastic modular belting possesses the unique ability to negotiate chicanes and bends when incorporated within a single conveyor.

Available in a wide variety of standard materials such as; PP, PE, POM (acetal) and special materials such as detectable, antistatic, flame retardant, extra high temperature operation, hot water resistant, reinforced and low friction the belting complies with FDA and EU regulations and is widely used in many processes. The belts are constructed of plastic modules, secured

by full-length hinge rods and driven by plastic sprockets. This system allows customisation with a variety of flights, side guards and accessories to server a multitude of settings. In addition, the advantage of resilience in challenging applications, where sterilization, low maintenance and easy installation are key; modular belts offer high performance.

GB Belting hold in stock three key types of belting in ½” (12.7mm), 1” (25.7mm) and 2” (508mm) pitch, complete with a range of side walls to support load bearing movement of products:


Used in light and medium load capacity applications the belt is 180 degree high speed side flexing. Capable of working in high temperatures the material is wear resistance and features a unique locking system. The belt has an optimized open area for maximum drainage and airflow.

Flat top

The key benefit of this system is it is easy to clean and reduces downtime for cleaning by around 70%. A unique sprocket engagement means the application will be able to handle higher product loads and be used in longer conveyors. It is perfect for close transfer applications and minimizes bacteria growth.

Flush grid

A unique sprocket engagement ensures precise indexing combined with easy cleaning. A wide range of openings optimizes performance in cooling and draining applications. The system has extra power, being a bi-directional belt for long conveyors. This reduces pulsation and increases load capacity.

Modular Belting in stock