Introducing PowerPick and Multipick: RARUK Automation to Offer Enhanced Collaborative Robot Palletising Solution

The range of applications that can benefit from automated palletising is now greater than ever with the introduction of Robotiq’s new PowerPick gripper and Multipick software feature.

As a Robotiq Expert Partner, the two new releases will enable RARUK Automation to meet the needs of UK businesses with higher payload and throughput palletising requirements.

PowerPick is a gripper designed for robust tasks. Robotiq’s latest development in end of arm tooling is the only standard vacuum gripper capable of lifting 11.5 kg on a Universal Robots UR10e collaborative robot. It offers users more flexibility with 46 different handling options. This means that the palletising solution can be used for a wide range of box sizes, shapes and materials. The new gripper remains reliable in less controlled conditions, such as humidity and fine dust.

There is also the potential of multiple gripper modes: single, dual or even quadruple. This enables users to mount multiple PowerPick units onto a single robot arm, increasing throughput for applications involving small, lightweight boxes.

Multipick is a new software feature that unlocks higher throughput at the end of the line. It enables a UR cobot to pick up multiple boxes at the same time. Offering even more flexibility for users, the new feature facilitates picking from a wider range of palletising patterns as well. Label orientation is also supported, which is not always possible with alternative palletising solutions.

Combining PowerPick and Multipick can help businesses speed up production lines. For instance, users could install four PowerPick grippers onto the end of a robot arm and each gripper would be capable of lifting two small, equal payload boxes. As a result, it would be possible to palletise 8 boxes at once.

The complete robotic palletising solution requires little-to-no customisation. Set up is straightforward and assembly of parts only requires an Allen key.

RARUK Automation are pleased to offer the latest in cobot palletising solutions to their customers. The two new releases will make it easier for businesses to manage various production line requirements and advance-equip for future needs. With continuing technological innovation, RARUK Automation hope to help more UK manufacturers discover the benefits of robotic palletising.