Maximising the benefits of Flexible Energy Contracts

Act now to secure the benefits of flexible energy contracts. There are opportunities right now to maximise the benefits of falling energy markets for businesses with risk-managed flexible energy contracts.

The sustained fall we have seen in energy markets over the past four months has enabled Envantage clients on our flexible contracts to explore the option of selling into a falling market. Under these contracts, they have the flexibility to ‘unlock’ from a higher market price and rebuy later when markets have fallen, creating additional savings to commodity rates.

  • Is your business currently able to do the same? 
  • Is your current flexible contract not so flexible after all? 
  • Is it time to reconsider your approach? 

With our well-documented risk management strategy, which operates within clearly defined parameters agreed by the client, we can ensure they take full advantage of the savings available to drive down their energy costs.

Working with experts to implement a risk management strategy for energy can secure long term benefits when compared to fixed price contracts.

Now is the time to take action and ensure you secure the benefits of a truly flexible contract in time for next winter. 

We understand that for businesses navigating their way through these turbulent markets, it is more difficult than ever to assess the right time to buy their forward energy contracts.

Our experienced Trading Desk has full access to the wholesale market and can guide you through the options available to optimise your energy purchasing strategy. Get in touch with the Envantage team today.