Nano Electronic Services Promotes Graphene Hall Effect Sensors

Alongside our Design & PCB Assembly solutions at Nano Electronic Services, we have recently taken on a range of interesting semiconductor technologies, helping to support the UK Semiconductor industry.

The first of these is from Paragraf ( Paragraf’s patented contamination-free deposition technology, delivers game-changing opportunities for the commercialisation of graphene by allowing them to manufacture high-purity 2D graphene sheets at scale.

Graphene is well suited due to its high carrier mobility and two-dimensional nature, operating on the basis of the Hall effect (Hall sensors).

The integration of their high purity 2D graphene allows their Hall Effect Sensors to deliver unrivalled measurements, sensing, and control in ultra-high resolution magnetic field sensing and positioning applications. They can be used across the widest range of operating conditions, including ambient, high temperature and cryogenic environments.


Hall Effect Sensor

Benefits include :

– immunity to in-plane stray fields (no magnetic hysteresis)
– high resilience to mechanical stress
– extremely high sensitivity
– reduced shielding requirements
– very low power requirements
– up to 10,000x lower power requirements
– robustness to radiation
– consistent and repeatable performance in extreme environments
– reduced shielding requirements
– no magnetic hysteresis
– 10ppm sensor resolution
– one sensor for two applications
– live measurements

The GHS-H is Paragraf’s range of Hall Effect Sensors that deliver ultra-high-resolution magnetic field measurements in high-temperature conditions, and can be used in a wide array of automotive applications such as position, rotation, torque or current sensing.

Why not visit the Nano Electronic Services Stand at C8 to find out more. Or contact us to request more information or to evaluate this new and unique technology.