New College Durham secures £8.76M funding for skills bootcamps across the North East

New College Durham is thrilled to announce that it has been awarded £8.76 million to deliver a comprehensive series of Skills Bootcamps across the North East. This initiative aims to address the evolving needs of industries and foster workforce development in key sectors.

The Skills Bootcamps will cover a range of disciplines, including Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (with a focus on green skills), Construction (including green skills), Creative and Design, Leadership and Management, Project Management, and Digital. The funding also includes a significant allocation of £1.6 million specifically designated for Skills Bootcamps in wind energy, to be delivered in collaboration with The Wind Academy.

Commencing in February 2024 for a two-year period, the Skills Bootcamps represent a strategic effort to enhance the region’s workforce capabilities. There is potential for continuation beyond the initial period, contingent on the college securing additional funding in a bid for 2026-2028.

Skills Bootcamps are uniquely designed in partnership with employers, ensuring they align with industry requirements. This approach allows for the upskilling of existing employees or the recruitment of new talent tailored to the specific needs of businesses.  One noteworthy aspect of the initiative is the commitment to supporting individuals throughout their journey. Upon successful completion of the Skills Bootcamps, participants will be guaranteed an interview opportunity if needed, leading to employment for a minimum of 12 weeks.

Colleen Peters, vice principal at New College Durham commented: “We are immensely pleased to be awarded this considerable investment that will enable us to spearhead Skills Bootcamps in crucial sectors across the North East and support approximately 2,900 learners. This initiative reflects our commitment to meeting the dynamic demands of industries and ensuring that our region’s workforce is well-equipped with the skills necessary for success.”