Orgatex has extended its range of floor marking tape

Based in Durham, Orgatex designs and manufactures the world’s largest range of high-quality products to support continuous improvement and is considered a market leader in Lean Manufacturing and 5S tools.

The company has recently utilised its 50 years of expertise to extended its range of durable floor tape to support automotive, logistics and manufacturing environments.

The range includes floor marking tape, for indoor and outdoor environments, which are suited to challenging conditions such as cold temperatures, and surfaces including bitumen, tiles and asphalt.

The right floor marking can increase workplace safety and makes compliance with UK regulations easier, not to mention, it can make your workplace more organised.

Whether used on walking routes, hazard zones or storage locations, Orgatex has set the standard in self-adhesive floor marking products.

Its range of LongLife durable floor tape includes Heavy Duty tape, for indoor use on smooth surfaces such as concrete screed and tiles where it can offer high resistance and a very strong adhesion. It has been tailored for environments that experience a high amount of foot and heavy forklift truck traffic.

And for indoor environments that have rough and uneven surfaces, there is its Grip tape. Made from polyurethane, it offers slip resistance to R11 and is highly wear resistant with strong adhesion. With its long-lasting and durable properties, it can save companies time in money by reducing the amount of tape that needs to be replaced.

For environments that use automated guided vehicles, it has developed a fast-bonding AGV tape that can be used on smooth indoor surfaces to support the safe and efficient steering of AGV systems.

The range also includes a Temporary tape, which can be useful for automotive environments going through a winter shutdown and looking at ways to improve its workspace it can be used to mark pilot areas and for planning and testing layouts.

Further tape in the range includes an Outdoor tape, which when used with a primer can offer a tactile and non-slip surface which is wear-resistant with strong adhesion. There’s also its Cold Performance tape, that is best suited to smooth, indoor environments where the temperature is cooler.

Its LongLife floor marking tape can support organisations in implementing and strengthening visual communication strategies that improve safety and efficiencies in the workplace.

Not only is its tape available for different environments, they are also available in several widths, a variety of colours and in rolls of up to 50 metres long.

The Orgatex range also extends beyond floor marking tape, to floor symbols, FIFO systems and boards to support Kanban practices.

Find out more information and explore its extensive range of products that are available to buy online here:

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