Port receives Good Business Charter (GBC) Accreditation

AV Dawson, owner and operator of Port of Middlesbrough has been awarded ‘Good Business Charter’ status.

The Good Business Charter (GBC) is a UK-based accreditation which encourages and recognises ethical and responsible business practices.

The accreditation encompasses ten commitments and businesses must meet all of them to receive GBC status. The components include real living wage, commitment to customers, employee wellbeing, diversity and inclusion and environmental responsibilities, amongst other benchmarks.

AV Dawson’s group managing director designate, Charlie Nettle said:

“We are so proud to have received Good Business Charter status. By achieving this accreditation, it illustrates how much we value our employees, customers and suppliers.

“It showcases our strong company culture and the groundwork we have done to cement this for the future. We also massively believe in nurturing and looking after our employees, which is a key component of GBC.

“The accreditation also provides us with a strong foundation to support the delivery of our Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy – which is a project we are undertaking currently.

“A project group consisting of different departments within AV Dawson have worked hard to achieve this and I think it’s a fantastic accolade for the business to have.”

GBC certification signifies a commitment to responsible business conduct, fostering trust and sustainable growth while promoting a more equitable and ethical business landscape.

To receive accreditation, companies must meet all the components which make up the GBC.

Charlie continued:

“By adhering to the ten commitments, the business is not only creating a positive impact on society but on the economy too.

“This will highlight to future employees and prospective customers and suppliers that we are a responsible and sustainable business.”

As part of the accreditation, sustainability plays a huge part within the ten commitments.

Ryan Pugh, AV Dawson’s senior buyer, who was part of the project team leading the process to secure GBC accreditation said:

“One key component of the GBC is sustainability, which has been a massive focus for us as a business over the past couple of years and will continue to be in the years to come.

“Our procurement team is working incredibly hard to work with sustainable suppliers and make eco-friendly decisions when sourcing items.

“From tyres to paper, every purchase is important when it comes to becoming more sustainable and this has been key to acquiring this accreditation.”