Two members come together to drive sustainability


SMS Smart Manufacturing Solutions and Ekobox have partnered to reduce inefficiencies and environmental impact from PPE recycling and general business activity.

Outsourced service provider Smart Manufacturing Solutions (SMS) – which specialises in innovative solutions and Lean principles to meet the quality and efficiency challenges faced by global manufacturing companies – first connected with Ekobox via LinkedIn after seeing an NEAA member welcome post.

Ekobox, who provide sustainable safety solutions for PPE and supplies, joined the NEAA in June 2021. As a recent member themselves, SMS reached out to make an introduction.


Following initial discussions, the two companies could see a synergy across their businesses and Ekobox supported SMS’s environmental policy.

As part of the collaboration, SMS became a test partner for the Ekobox PPE recycling process, which is full end of life recycling for used PPE. SMS was able to provide analysis on the process and where efficiency improvements could be made.

Ekobox has also helped SMS to reduce their own carbon footprint by ensuring less waste is sent to landfill and gloves, sleeves and workwear are laundered and reused. This has brought significant cost savings over a short period of time.


  • SMS has reduced their carbon footprint by eliminating landfill waste – 58% is re-used, 34% is repurposed and 8% is recycled.
  • SMS has saved over £500 on the procurement of gloves, sleeves and workwear through laundering and reusing these.
  • Ekobox has streamlined its PPE recycling process to be more efficient.
  • The partnership has championed sustainability whilst saving costs.
  • NEAA’s member promotion has helped facilitate an introduction that has led to a collaboration.

“Working with Ekobox reducing our carbon footprint has really maintained the focus in the company and the financial savings has enabled additional projects to start.”

Peter Williams, Quality and Systems Director
Smart Manufacturing Solutions (SMS)

“Collaborating with SMS has been a huge benefit to Ekobox. Their feedback and support has helped us refine our service and implement improvements. Furthermore, the two businesses have an aligned outlook on the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility.”

David Hunter, Owner and Manager

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