Harnessing the Power of the Gazpacho Family

Introducing the Gazpacho Family—your suite of tools designed to elevate operational excellence through precise data and analytics. Whether it’s tracking energy usage, monitoring real-time movement, or visualizing operational flows, the Gazpacho Family offers solutions tailored to meet the needs of modern manufacturing.

Gazpacho Analytics is an easy-to-use web and cloud-based software designed to visualise and analyse movement data. The software provides spaghetti diagrams, heatmaps, and quickly calculates moving distances. This user-friendly and flexible tool allows businesses to draw spaghetti diagrams manually or upload tracking data files from any hardware they use. Here’s how it benefits various sectors:

Manufacturing: Optimize your manufacturing process with our tools, improving material flow and productivity while reducing waste.

Supply Chain: Identify and correct inefficiencies in routing, handling, and storage to streamline your supply chain, reduce costs, and enhance responsiveness.

Improvement Work: Apply our analytics in continuous improvement methodologies to spot and eliminate non-value-added activities, fostering a culture of efficiency and waste reduction.

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